Worth the Wait


If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed.”

Habakkuk 2:3


Throughout scripture, we hear the Father say, “I will.” And with it, He simply asks us to trust … and wait. Do we trust Him to bring peace to our troubled souls? To shine light into our darkest days? To bring a new song of deliverance into our hearts?

God said, “I will,” and His children waited. And waited. And waited. Then it happened. The waiting ended. Love came down at Christmas the night Heaven came to earth. It was a waiting that ended in worship one very glorious night. Jesus was worth the wait. This baby grew into a man and brought us hope and life and light. His enduring gifts have lasted to this day. They show no signs of ending.

In the same manner Israel waited for Jesus to come the first time, we His Church now wait for Him to come a second time. The delay often seems long and hard. We wait. And wait. And wait. Doubt creeps in. We wonder. We fidget. We begin to ask, “Do we hold on? Why should we persevere? Is this really worth waiting for?”

In our waiting, Jesus reassures us He keeps His promises, He’s constantly at work beyond what our eyes can see, and that it’s worth holding on. Best of all, He reminds us that He is the God who is with us, always. And when He says, “I will,” He always does.



What promise of God do you need to hold on to and claim as your own this season?

Who might you encourage today by reminding them that the “I will” God is with them in their waiting?

Paul Epperson

  Why would Paul Epperson ever leave the security and comfort of an established teaching and chaplaincy position to hit the road as an itinerant speaker? Two reasons alone: calling and passion. God placed a calling and passion in Paul’s heart…

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