Making New Songs New


“Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth.”

Psalm 96:1


Look at these lyrics from a recently released song from the band, Coldplay:


You, you are my universe

And I just want, just want, to put you first

And you, you are my universe, and I

In the night, I lie and look up at you

When the morning comes, I watch you rise

There’s a paradise they couldn’t capture

That bright infinity inside your eyes


Reading these powerful lyrics, it makes me wonder: is this song about a romantic love relationship on earth or about someone expressing glorious praise to God in heaven?

I’m not exactly sure what the writer had in mind, but recently, as I listen to the beauty and wonder of this song, my attention focuses heavenward. I find my heart singing and proclaiming, “Yes, God, this is what I think and feel about You!” This familiar song becomes something altogether new as I express my love to God through it.

There is something powerful about singing a new song to the Lord. In fact, Scripture invites us to do just that–to make and sing new songs to Him.

So, why not try your hand a new song today? Discover the joy of borrowing, re-shaping, and re-purposing a good song that becomes a completely new song as you express your love to Jesus through it.



Sometime today, find a favorite song. It can be any song from any artist whose lyrics help you express your heart to God. Sing your heart out to God through the song. Or, perhaps write some lyrics and music of your own! Either way, your song will be a new one to God.

Nicholas Hindes

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