The Greatest of Them All

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
I Corinthians 13:13

A mother recently shared with me about a season when her son ran away from God. She would daily pray for things that she believed were good things for her son. She would ask God to give him a good day or to play well in sports.

One day, she felt the Lord impress on her heart, “You’re asking me for the wrong things.” She realized that her prayers had been what she wanted and not what God had wanted for her son. Her prayer became, “God, help him to love you.” It wasn’t long before the Lord met with her son in his bedroom and saved him. Today, her son continues to faithfully love and follow Jesus, impacting others for the Kingdom.

Love. Jesus said it was the greatest thing. Paul prayed we would know it. Scripture tells us God pours it out in our hearts through His Spirit, and it has compelled countless individuals to order their lives in such a way that others might believe it. Love drives what we do, and how we live. It gives purpose and overflows to those around us.


Is there anything dampening the flame of God’s love in your heart or complicating its simplicity?

Why not talk to Jesus about it? Ask Him to fill you today with His great love,
so that His fragrance spreads to others around you.

Paul Epperson

  Why would Paul Epperson ever leave the security and comfort of an established teaching and chaplaincy position to hit the road as an itinerant speaker? Two reasons alone: calling and passion. God placed a calling and passion in Paul’s heart…

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