How Can I Say Thanks?

“Sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth.
Psalm 96:1


[excerpt from Forged by Fire by Dwight Robertson]

Can I let you in on a little secret? Elevate gratitude by expressing praise and thanks to God out-loud (not just inwardly thinking grateful thoughts). You might want to begin with, “Lord, thank you for ___________” (and continue your own personal litany of grateful heart expressions to Him).

Are you better at expressing yourself in writing? Then start a “gratitude journal,” recording things, both good and difficult, that you want to thank God for.

Could you enjoy doing what David did—extemporaneously sing your own made-up “new song” of thanks and praise to God?

However you express gratitude to God, know you really can’t mess it up when it genuinely comes from your heart. After all, what good mother ever turned down a bouquet of dandelions from her wide-eyed and smiling toddler? What decent father ever rejected a whittled, stick-figure carving from his well-meaning middle-schooler? How much more God delights in the loving expressions of gratitude from His children!



Do you find yourself expecting things from God and others more than being grateful when God and others serve you? Talk to God about that.

Make a list of three ways you might express gratitude to God this week.
Follow through with one of those ways.


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