When God Cries

“Jesus wept.”
John 11:35


Why would God cry? That doesn’t sound very tough. Yet, the God who came into the world He created is so in love with the people He formed, and so invested in humanity, that when Lazarus died, Jesus wept big salty tears.


He wants you to know that your tears and heartache are not signaling a lack of faith, but reveal an honest reality that we live in a broken world. It’s okay sometimes to not be okay. There will be times that we sing during pain, and other moments where we express our hurt in a flood of emotions. However, there may be moments where all you can muster is a sigh or groan to the God who weeps with us in our pain. Invite Jesus into your sadness, whatever that may be or however that may look. Let Him invite you into His joy as you trust that your mourning and sorrow is all wrapped up in His resurrection life.

“My soul melts away for sorrow; strengthen me according to your word.”
Psalm 119:28


What areas are you holding back from Jesus for fear of
looking weak or faithless? Talk to Him about it and find
a place where you can be open with Him.


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Paul Epperson

  Why would Paul Epperson ever leave the security and comfort of an established teaching and chaplaincy position to hit the road as an itinerant speaker? Two reasons alone: calling and passion. God placed a calling and passion in Paul’s heart…

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