Got Plans? God Does.


“Behold, I am making all things new.”
Revelation 21:5


Got plans this weekend? How are those house plans coming along? What are the wedding plans? When are you planning to take vacation this summer? Have you considered your retirement plans?

We are a planning people. Plans are important to reach goals and provide meaning and direction in our lives. Equally, a lack of planning has its own consequences. Perhaps you’ve heard, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail.”

God is a planner too. He has direction, purpose, and clear focus in restoring all things and people to Himself. In fact, God’s plan to restore His creation back to “like new” quality and condition is the unifying story throughout the Bible (from Genesis 1-2 to Revelation 22 and every book in between).

And get this, God’s story and plan includes you! His carefully designed strategy includes all that makes you fully unique, available, and capable to love others the way God continues to love and re-new you.

Here’s a planning question: do your daily plans include a desire and commitment to get involved in God’s plan?



Talk to God about your plans for this summer. Ask God if your plans and His are moving the same direction.
Ask God how to make adjustments to your plans if needed.

Make a plan to demonstrate/express God’s love to someone this week. It could be something you do, something you say.
Ask God for the best way to proceed, then do it! (You’ll be so glad you did!)


Want to learn more about God’s unique plan that includes you?
You Are God’s Plan A by Dwight Robertson.

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