Worn Knees & Praying Hyde


“For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.”
Luke 19:10

In 1904, John Hyde attended the first annual convention for Indian Christians and Western missionaries. He joined the conference because he believed that nothing could happen for the Kingdom of God apart from intercessory prayer.

By the second year of the convention, John had gained a reputation as a man of prayer. He spent many days and nights in the prayer room, strengthened and sustained by God. As he prayed, he often became so heavy-hearted for the sins of the world and of the Church that he would burst into tears. A friend of his once wrote, “He missed many meals, and when I went to his room, I would find him lying as in great agony, or walking up and down as if an inward fire were burning in his bones.”

During the 1909 convention, John made a new prayer goal: to double the number of souls won. It seemed impossible again. This time, however, his fellow Christians joined him in prayer. Sure enough, by the next convention, over eight hundred souls had been won for Christ! In that convention, he courageously determined to double the goal again. He prayed with unquenchable passion: “O, God, give me souls or I die!”

The new goal met; John rightly earned the nickname “Praying Hyde.”

Are you knees worn and heart burden in praying for the spiritually lost?



Take inventory of your relationship with God this week.
Ask God to increase your faith and make it increasingly more genuine and sincere.

Look around you this week. Ask God to show you a need. Respond to it!

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