Swallowing Swords


“Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season…”
2 Timothy 4:2, 5

Dai Andrews swallows real swords every day. For over 20 years he’s performed as an international sword swallower. He’s very good. Dai holds the Guinness World Record for swallowing 15 swords at once! And get this, Dai can swallow a 120-degree curved sword. If you’re not sure what that curve looks like, imagine swallowing the crescent moon you see in the sky at night—only it’s made of sharp steel. It’s crazy stuff.

Even with all his expertise, years of perfecting his craft, and his world-renowned accolades, I was surprised to hear Dai say in a recent interview:

This is an art form, not a cheap party trick. No matter how accomplished you become, don’t get smug…
Once you think you know what you’re doing, you take for granted that you’re good.
That’s when you get distracted and things go wrong.

Dai’s words got me thinking about my comfortability with the Word of God. I wonder what it would be like if every single believer took his or her craft of consuming the Word of God as seriously as Dai Andrews does his sword swallowing?

How seriously are you taking in the Word of God these days?


Ask the Lord if there are any parts of Scripture that you’re approaching too comfortably or casually.
If needed, ask God to renew in you a hunger and diligence for His Word.

Practice reading God’s Word this week with fresh eyes, an open mind, and great curiosity.
Read as if you are reading the Bible for the very first time.


Nicholas Hindes

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