The Right Dance Shoes


“Enoch walked faithfully with God…”
Genesis 5:24

Regardless of your dancing prowess, you would most likely never slip into jazz shoes to waltz the night away nor lace-up ballet slippers to tap dance. The right footwear matters. Just ask the construction worker in need of steel-toed boots or the marathon runner who could use a softer heel landing around the eighteen-mile mark. The right dance shoes help lead to a fluid and graceful performance.

It’s no different when it comes to your rhythmic life-dance with God. The right shoes matter. And slipping on capacity-enhancing attitudes and approaches that will optimize your developing dance with Him is essential.

Your “dance shoes” are the four characteristics of a Kingdom laborer: humility, passion, vision, and faith. They will give you all the right footing you need to follow God’s lead and practice deeper life in rhythm with Him.

Forged by Fire by Dwight Robertson.

With 2021 completely in front of you, what dance shoes will you wear as you labor with God in His Kingdom this year?


How do humility, passion, vision, and faith
daily characterize your life?

Ask God for a next step in making these foundational characteristics of a Kingdom laborer
a daily rhythm in walking with Him in 2021.


Dwight Robertson

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