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A red kettle. A jingling bell. A volunteer braving the pre-winter weather while sharing an occasional “God bless you” to passers-by and loose-change givers. If you’re thinking, “sounds like The Salvation Army at Christmas time,” you’re right! The Salvation Army has been helping bring “salvation to the poor, destitute, and hungry by meeting both their physical and spiritual needs” for over 150 years. What began in London, England in 1865 has now spread to ministry locations in 131 countries. The ministry impacts millions annually with spiritual and provisional blessings from God. At Forge, we cheer on our co-laboring brothers and sisters at The Salvation Army. Their Kingdom contribution is enormous.

For such a wide-reaching and long-lasting success story as the Salvation Army, one might think their founder might be a towering figure with a high-finance background and the gift of organizational wizardry. William Booth, The Salvation Army’s originator, is none of those things. In fact, he was as ordinary as they come. He wasn’t in great health. He had little money. He had few people encouraging him in his venture.

What William did have, however, was a heart to please God, an unwavering faith, and a deep desire that overlooked and undervalued people receive all God has for them in meeting their deepest needs. William's wife, Catherine also had a passion for the lost, discarded, unwanted, and unloved. Ministry flourished and lives were forever changed as they labored for God's Kingdom, responding to the impulse of God’s movement and love.

William’s story is just one of twenty we tell in our latest Forge resource, It’s My Turn: 20 Kingdom Laborers who changed Their World and Compel Me to Impact Mine! The book is filled with stories, engaging questions for individuals and groups, and tools to help everyday followers of Jesus impact the world. Here’s a short excerpt from William’s story:

Just before his death, William appeared a final time to speak. His health was failing, and he only had sight in one eye. To an audience of over four thousand, he spoke for an hour and a half. “I want to do more for humanity," he said, “and I want to do a great deal more for Jesus. There are thousands of poor, wretched, suffering and sinning people crying out to us for help, and I want to do something for them!"

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and Giving Tuesday (Dec. 1) is coming. Ask yourself, “Now that it’s my turn, how will I pay-forward my gratitude for all Jesus has done for me?” Please consider helping fuel God’s ongoing Kingdom movement through Forge as you do.

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Giving Tuesday (Dec. 1) is coming!

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