Ordinary People Seizing Extraordinary Moments

“Great moments are born from great opportunity”
–Coach Herb Brooks,
1980 U.S. Men’s Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team

The times we’re in are unprecedented, unpredictable, and unsettling. At Forge, we believe such times provide great Kingdom opportunity. In this “20/20” year, people from all kinds of ages, geographies, and life-stations are having their eyes opened to how much they need God, how vital they are in His Kingdom plan, and how ripe people are around them for spiritual multiplication. Here’s a few stories of how Forge is making the best of these Kingdom opportunities:

Recently, a Forge Speaker was preaching at an event that was simultaneously broadcast on local radio. On the other end of the radio signal was Lisa. As she was driving, she came across the station airing the event. The message instantly grabbed her. Every word pierced her heart. Lisa was so drawn and convicted by what God was saying to her, she stopped the car, googled the location of the event, and quickly made her way to the venue where the Forge itinerant was preaching. She walked in just in time! An opportunity to respond to the message was being given. As if Jesus alone invited her, Lisa came forward and gave everything to Him. Her heart set ablaze with Jesus’ love and her face glowing with His presence, Lisa went home to live the life God always intended for her.

Here’s Brent’s story. Forge provided Brent with training content to help him live his life on purpose for God’s Kingdom. The equipping he received was like water on parched ground. After soaking it all in, Brent just had to let a Forge Staff member know. “This is blowing my mind!” he said. “I wish more believers could be equipped like this!" That very week, Brent began spiritual conversations about Jesus with his co-workers.

And then there’s Grandma Lois. She heard Forge’s message about becoming a Kingdom Laborer who sees, stops, and spends time with others. It wasn’t long until she was given the opportunity to practice what she had heard preached. While on her way to a meeting, Grandma Lois felt the Lord’s prompting to stop and spend time with the person she just saw. But Grandma Lois thought to herself, “I don’t have time!" God’s prompting came again. Grandma Lois knew what she needed to do. Taking a deep breath, she went and spent time with the person she saw. Her name was Sarah. Grandma Lois was thrilled she stopped. Sarah decided to give her life to Jesus!

God employs Kingdom Laborers from all backgrounds, ages, and walks of life to make an extraordinary impact in ordinary places. From sharing the gospel to spiritual multiplication, how is God wanting to employ you?

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