Laborers Day 2020 – Your Impact Multiplied!

Kingdom Laboring Movement Flourishing!

The story only gets better! In a year when many stories being told seem only to get worse, what a joy to revisit a story that’s getting better all the time. In June, you may remember a story we shared about Aziz, a twenty-year old woman in Central Asia who had heard a Forge Speaker and received Forge online training. Aziz said “God put it on my heart to start a mission group. I have five people,” she reported, “now what do I do?” With a few next-step instructions, Aziz and her friends set out. The result? “40 people believed!”, she shared with excitement. She added, “We’re now laboring to see spiritual multiplication in their lives.”
Over the last few months, Aziz has kept us updated. The numbers keep climbing. “It’s now 63 people who’ve committed their lives to Christ” one staffer says. “Oh wait,” he continues, “my latest email says, 74!” That conversation seems to replay weekly. To date, God has employed Aziz in starting a movement of 514 believers, 10 spiritual generations, and 11 house churches. All this in 3 short months. Talk about some good news for a change! Can’t wait to share more as God’s story unfolds…

3 Ways YOU can Join The Movement:
1. PRAY … for MORE KINGDOM LABORERS everywhere!
2. GIVE … to the Forge fund at to raise up More Kingdom Laborers.
3. GO … on a trip with us to see the ministry up close. Inquire at [email protected]

Dwight Robertson

When it comes to spiritual multiplication, Dwight Robertson desires for every person to discover how God’s math begins with a factor of one: You. What matters most is your intimacy with Him and your calling to become a Kingdom laborer…

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