Laborers Day 2020 – Work Worth Celebrating!

Work Worth Celebrating!

Laborers Day is a celebration of Kingdom laborers around the world who love God, and love people. It’s confetti in the air, praise to God, and a genuine salute to laborers everywhere who use their unique gifts and geographies to help multiply God’s Kingdom.

In 2013, Heather put her love for God into action by starting a modest food bank out of her garage to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people. In partnership with Forge, the weekly food bank has grown exponentially since then, gifting over 5 million pounds of food; with more than 750,000 pounds distributed to those in need during the pandemic over the past 6 months. Week after week, food, people, and God’s love connect. Metric tons of groceries are distributed and innumerable lives are touched. How passionate is Heather about loving God and loving others in action? Not even her battle with cancer can keep her off course. She labors so that the love of God reaches both kitchen tables and hearts!

Will you join the Laborers Day celebration as we honor God by celebrating such Kingdom laborers as Heather? Help fuel Kingdom Laborers worldwide with a financial gift to Forge. Consider big-sizing your gift and becoming a Forge Gospel Patron at only 83¢ a day go to to see more. As a gift to all who donate between September 7th—17th, we’d like to send you a free story and sneak-peek from It’s My Turn, a collection of everyday laborers who changed their world and will help you to impact yours.

Dwight Robertson

Forge's Founder and President Dwight Robertson is known nationally as a dynamic and gifted communicator. His life calling and mission—to challenge Christians to the role of laborership—is shared passionately as Dwight communicates with evident excitement and urgency. The goal of his message is to see individuals moving toward deeper levels of spiritual intimacy and to gain a world-changing vision while assuming their role as laborers for God’s Kingdom.

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