Daily Bread


You are the salt of the earth…
Matthew 5:13

“Be careful,” Jesus said to them.
“Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”

Matthew 16:6

The pandemic pause has given rise to my house becoming a satellite set for the Great British Bake Off! Well, not literally. My wife and I are just trying our hand at bread making. We’re discovering that mixing flour, water, salt, and yeast isn’t as simple as the list of ingredients. Turns out, salt kills yeast. And, if yeast is dead, bread won’t rise. That’s why it’s essential the salt is mixed thoroughly with the flour first. Then, and only then, can the yeast be added safely.

A spiritual truth dawned on me the other day as my hands were coated with flour. In Matthew 5, believers are called “the salt of the earth.” Then in Matthew 16, Jesus warns believers to “beware the yeast of the Pharisees.” Do you see what’s happening here? Jesus, the one who called himself the “bread” of life, knew exactly what happens when salt touches yeast. Jesus knew exactly what He was saying when He compared us to salt and the Pharisees to yeast.

The yeast of the Pharisees was the narrow-minded teaching and practice that religious rule-keeping was what pleased God. It brought with it a weary way of life for all trying to be good enough by keeping rules they were constantly being crushed by. Jesus had another way. He made it possible for us to be seasoned by His grace. He desires our lives to be so full and flavorful that we become “salt of the earth” seasoning agents to those around us, even those weighed down by religious activity and bland living.

Salt or yeast. Which better describes your life these days?



During a meal this week, take a moment to thank Jesus for the life He’s provided you.
If possible, eat something without salt. Then, add salt to the menu item you’re eating.
What difference do you notice? Talk to Jesus about how your life may be salty or bland.


Nicholas Hindes

  Are you hungry? You’re in luck, Nicholas loves to cook. Even better, he loves to come alongside others as God delights and nourishes hungry hearts and souls. Whether it’s discovering God’s great love for each of us, knowing how God…

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