Child-like Prayers


“Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear.”
Isaiah 65:24

It’s a chirp! Or, wait, perhaps it was a yawn. Oh. Oh. Nope. That was definitely a burp. Ha! My two-month baby girl is putting on a show. And with every squeak, sigh, and hiccup I am a father lost in my daughter’s voice.

Hearing my daughter find her voice is awe-inspiring, and these early days are riveting. With every tiny ounce of fierceness that she can muster, my little lioness, Ariella, roars. Her “roars” remind me of the sound a baby squirrel makes. Closer yet, the sound of the cheeky monkey, Abu, from the movie Aladdin. With the faintest of whispers, my little monkey has my heart. She’s on a stage of her own, and she captivates me. Her enchanted words mesmerize this audience of one. And when she speaks, as far as I’m concerned, the rest of the world can wait.

Father God feels the same about you and your prayers. Every. Single. Word. You. Speak. God. Hears. Before you can even form the word on your tongue, God hears it. When you mumble and fumble your words? Yes, even then God gathers it in. The faintest whispers and longings of your heart yet to reach your own ears; Father God hears and knows those too. Your voice is a highlight in God’s day. You and your voice, child of the King, bring joy and delight to your Abba-Father. And when you pray, it’s as if God says to the rest of the world, “I’ll be with you in a second. Right now, I’m lost in my child’s voice.”


Take a moment to talk to God during a part of your day that you normally wouldn’t.
Ask God what He feels when He hears you speak.


Nicholas Hindes

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