Chariots of Fire


Has God ever tapped you on the shoulder and said, “Go over and talk to that stranger in the chariot”? Guessing not. On one occasion, however, that was the very instruction God gave a man named Philip. Philip was honorable and dependable. He dearly loved people as much as he greatly loved God. God knew Philip was the right candidate for this special delivery.

In the chariot stood an Ethiopian court official, influential and well-networked. God wanted to light a fire in this man’s heart that would blaze a trail of love and purpose for centuries to come. God would do the lighting. He simply asked Philip to strike a match.

A person. A chariot. A nearby road. A response. A conversation. Real love isn’t complicated. It just requires a little want-to and willingness. Philip had both. Do you?

Chariots may not be a part of your everyday life, but people are. The chariot may look more like a car, a carry-out, or a convening. The person may be a stranger, a neighbor, someone just like you, or someone you least resemble. Regardless, if you genuinely love God, He will commission you to love others He loves. Are you ready to respond?


What kind of along-the-way blazes of love might God be calling you to be a part of as you walk, listen, and respond to His in-ear love instructions?
Listen. Take a deep breath. Lovingly respond.


John Boyd

John Boyd is a writer, teacher, equipper, and mentor who longs to lead those hungering and thirsting for “more” to places of greater depth and intimacy with Jesus. John is married to Shannon and they have three adult children.

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