Sole Survivor


“For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot,
will pass from the Law until all is accomplished.”
Matthew 5:18

A few years ago, I attended an exhibit called Passages. It shares the story of the Bible in different periods of time and history. A particular section of the exhibit was especially striking to me. It displayed objects that were made with the pages of the Bible during WWII, specifically, objects made in Nazi Germany. Among the many items produced and displayed were soles of shoes. It was a way for the Nazi regime to express hatred against the God of the Bible and Jewish culture.

There have been many attempts to destroy the Bible. None of them have succeeded. None ever will. In Matthew 5:18, Jesus said that not even the smallest detail of God’s Word will disappear until its purpose is achieved. The Bible as a physical book can be destroyed. After all, it’s just paper and ink. The truth contained in it, however, can never be annihilated or snuffed out. The Bible is as faithful and everlasting as its Author.

Heaven and earth may disappear, but the Word of God will remain forever. Governments may fall. Disasters and pandemics may come and go. Still, nothing will ever erase one single page, one single sentence, one single word off the Bible. Whatever it promises, you can trust. Whatever it commands, you can follow. Wherever it leads, you can be certain it will lead you to the very heart of God.


Weekly Challenge:

Read the New Testament letter: 1st Peter
1. Discover a promise to believe
2. Discover a command to obey
3. Discover a name for God to praise Him
then, share your findings on social media to encourage others as you have been encouraged.


Santiago Fuentes

God never wastes time, ours or His. Santiago “Santy” Fuentes graduated with an Industrial Designer degree from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City. God knew Santy’s careful eye for the details of industry would be quite useful in connecting the…

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