The Great Pause


“Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” 
Psalm 46:10

For many of us, the last thing we want to hear right now is someone telling us to sit still and quietly meditate. It’s bad enough we all feel like we got grounded and sent to our room. Playing “quiet mouse” only adds insult to injury.

Fortunately, some passive form of pondering is not what God instructs in Psalm 46. God’s challenge then is ours now: stop arguing and start taking notes! God alone is our “ever-present help in trouble” in a world that is “fearing, giving way, falling, and quaking” (vv. 1-3). Our task is not to flail about in our own strength and wisdom but to trust God who is with us (and faithfully always has been) in and through it all.

This current world pandemic we’re facing is horrible. Lives are being lost, economies shaken, livelihoods threatened, and daily ways of life uprooted. It’s not okay! Yet, despite it all, certain gifts and graces like daisies stretching through the cracks of a lifeless sidewalk, continue to rise. Pollution has given way to blue skies in exhaust-heavy cities, neighbors have been more neighborly, and forced pitstops from life’s rat-race has helped many reevaluate what’s most important and valuable in life, faith, and relationship. Are we taking notes? Will we learn?

The Great Pause is an opportunity to actively “be still,” to stop arguing, squirming, and fighting like a butterfly caught in a net. It’s a chance to take confidence in a trustworthy God. It’s gifted time and space to stop, listen, take inventory, and make resolute plans to be different, to do things different-both now and when the world resumes its spin. 

 “Come and see what the Lord has done” (v. 8) says the psalm writer. Will that be our echoing refrain when all is said and done? Will it be yours?


Instead of simply waiting things out for an “old normal,”,why not start a notebook or e-file of the things God is teaching you about a “better normal” to forge forward in life? 

Be intentional 5-10 minutes each day to confidently listen to God, reflect, and record: “What has changed?” and “What needs to change?” 


John Boyd

John Boyd is a writer, teacher, equipper, and mentor who longs to lead those hungering and thirsting for “more” to places of greater depth and intimacy with Jesus. John is married to Shannon and they have three adult children.

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