A Letter from the President

Dear Forge-Forward Friend,

If you wear contact lenses, you may be aware of a product called, “Fresh Eyes,” an eye solution designed to renew, refresh, and restore clear vision. Corrective lenses or not, even those with stellar vision know the benefit of briefly closing your eyes to reset, refresh, and replenish focus.

In this 20/20 year, Forge is embracing a fresh eyes season. We’ve been welcoming the renewal and refreshment of God’s Word washing over us, replenishing us with His Spirit, reaffirming His unique Kingdom calling for us as a ministry, and reinvigorating a clear focus for the mission ahead. With fresh eyes, minds, hearts, and wills, here’s what our God-refreshed future looks like at Forge:

• A renewed and fresh-eyed commitment to challenge and equip people to daily be God’s multiplying Kingdom  Laborers worldwide—in every facet and sphere of society.
• A renewed and fresh-eyed commitment to send out itinerant speakers who house the Fire of God’s Spirit and take the Fire of His Word “to the ends of the earth;” while continuing to raise and equip fresh generations of MORE such itinerants.
• A renewed and fresh-eyed commitment to elevate and teach the Word of God to a current culture greatly in need of the truth, transforming power, and instruction God provides through His Word, practically equipping them to become people shaped and empowered by the Word of God.
• A renewed and fresh-eyed commitment to discipleship via training events, Forge-Forward tours, Plan A conferences, and alumni re-engagement in order to address what Jesus says is the greatest Kingdom need: more laborers for the harvest.

Good hindsight enhances great foresight. As we look ahead together, let’s also look in the rearview mirror and celebrate great things God did through your partnership with Forge in 2019:

• Together, we expanded Forge Speaker impact to 26 itinerant speakers! With 15 Forge Speakers and 11 Forge Firebrands, we’re ahead of our vision of 50 speakers by 2025.
• Together, we watched God transform lives and expanded Kingdom impact through our summer equipping events: Deep Camp, The Experience, Surge, and Smoky Mountain Outreach.
• Together, we equipped adults, young adults, and alumni in year-round special training events.
• Together, we launched a new podcast: Fuel for the Harvest Fuel at FuelForTheHarvest.com
• Together, we captured inspiring Lit Stories at ForgeForward.com/lit-stories
• Together, we equipped over 500 Kingdom Laborers through summer and year-round events.
• Together, we empowered Forge Speakers to share the gospel to tens of thousands of people at more than 150 speaking events where thousands of spiritual decisions and numerous first-time commitments to Christ were made.

On behalf of all the Kingdom Laborers set ablaze by God’s love and purpose last year, thank you! Your prayers are powerful. Your partnership is priceless. Your gifts are difference-making. Your co-laboring is captivating and contagious. Let’s keep forging forward together—with fresh eyes and faithful hearts!

Dwight Robertson
Founding President

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