In Celebration of Kingdom Laborers Like You!


Kingdom laboring doesn’t have to be laborious. More than anything, Kingdom laboring is loving others out of the up-close love relationship you have with God. It doesn’t require a theological degree, insist on a minimum age, or demand a certain level of spiritual maturity. Kingdom laboring is a simple call to intentionally and genuinely love others—wherever you are, whoever you’re with, with whatever measure of God’s love you have to offer in the moment.


Enjoy a message from our Forge Founder Dwight Robertson, as he shares our ministry’s heart this Laborer Day!  Then, be sure to check out the free resources available to you to encourage your ministry of laborership this year.


Resources for You!


Dwight Robertson

Great news for anyone wanting their life to make an impact—God wants that for you too! When it comes to God’s plan and the power of His spiritual multiplication method, Dwight Robertson’s desire is for every person to discover God’s…

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