Transformation in the Everyday


Have you noticed that we are prone to measuring the degree of our transformation by our “big moments”? In looking back on our life, what we really hope to see is something akin to a sports highlight real; the winning shot, the walk-off homerun, the game winning goal and so forth. Yet our lives are much more than the sum of these moments.


There is a plant called the century plant that gets its name from the long intervals between blooming. Those periods can range from 5 years to 100 years. All those years without blooms are still as much a part of the plant’s existence as the short bursts of brilliance.


The Bible is filled with stories of people who had long periods between watershed moments. Abraham, for instance, lived 175 years, but we only read about the celebrated or notorious episodes. Moses too, had periods lasting 40 years or more between newsworthy experiences. So, what were they doing all the rest of that time? They were caring for their families, earning a living, conducting business, taking out the trash, raising children, putting food on the table—all the same things you and I do today.


Much of life is lived outside the spotlight and off the stage. Yet the way we live in the daily grind of life can point people to Jesus every bit as much as those big moments we often long for. The Jesus people see in us at work, at the ballpark or at the restaurant may be the only true picture of Jesus they have ever seen. In many ways, the true measuring stick for judging our success and transformation is how we handle all those times behind the scenes.


Are you faithful in the little things? Does your character stay consistent at home and out of sight? Do you continue to develop so that when those big moments come you shine brightly?


“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.” Luke 16:10a



Ron Klopfenstein

Ron Klopfenstein is a builder. Prior to coming to Forge, Ron spent thirty years honing his craft as the owner and president of a custom home building company in Indiana. In 2012, Ron traded his hammer and nails for some tools that would more directly impact the lives of young adults and other Kingdom laborers through a different kind of construction. An experienced speaker and equipper, Ron is passionate about investing in others, particularly in helping people connect their life passions with their destiny as they live out their legacy daily. Ron and his wife Lorene, also on staff with Forge, have two adult children, Kirsten and Reid, and one adorable granddaughter, Ella. The Klopfenstein’s live in Conifer, Colorado, where Ron enjoys sports, hunting, and the cowboy way.

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