Experience 2018 Third International Update


Hi there everyone!

We have officially capped off our time here in Mexico. Since the last time we updated so much has happened. After our day in Jojutla, we were able to come back to Jiutepec and spend some time with our neighbors there, specifically Josephine and her daughter, Maria. They invited us into their home and allowed us to share some of what God had done in our lives since being in Mexico. We were also able to invite Maria to join us for our sabbath day at the water park, and after only one hour of sleep she happily accepted. Through that time, we were able to build and strengthen a relationship that we hope to continue growing as we move forward.


After a hard goodbye to Juitepec, we came back to Mexico City where we split into smaller guy and girl groups and got to really know and spend time with some host families as our last few days here were wrapped up. Through this time, we got to see what true field ministry could look like for some of us. We felt so loved and had such an incredible time with these families that it makes saying goodbye so much harder. We were able to spend Father’s Day with Santi’s church and spend more time loving on the people that have opened up their church, homes, and hearts with us and we got to see Mexico bring home the win in their first game of the World Cup! As our last day wrapped up, we were able to go the Latin Tower and pray over the city one last time.


During the past two weeks here in Mexico our team has grown so much and the vulnerability with one another has only strengthened our dynamic. As sad as we are to come back the states, we are excited to share what God has been doing with all of our family and friends.

Thank you so much for the prayer we have received thus far, as we prepare for coming back home some specifics we have are:

  • Safe travels and flights heading back
  • That our hearts would be prepared to enter back into reality
  • The physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being of the team, some of us are really struggling in all of these areas
  • For Mexico as a whole. This country has left such a lasting impact on all of our lives and we would love for the joint support in giving it to God

Thank you so much for the continued prayer and support. We love you and can’t wait to see everyone again!



Hello friends, The team can’t wait to see you guys again. We spent the day in Guatemala City and got to connect with Jesse Rivers (2014 EXP alumni)—we shared an incredibly powerful time together as he shared some of his story, shared about his work here in Guatemala, and encouraged the team to keep leaning into God during these next weeks of The Experience and when they return home. Many on the team were deeply impacted by him and his words. We prayed together before we left, and it felt like a God-appointed time of encouragement and blessing on both ends!

We arrived at San Pedro Thursday afternoon and left Monday afternoon to Guatemala City. San Pedro is such a beautiful place where a lot of tourists come. In San Pedro many people there want to stay away from Jesus. While we were in San Pedro, the team had multiple highlights of the trip. We got a chance to go to Pastor Anselmo’s house, pray for him and his family, and wash their feet. Another highlight happened as our whole team jumped off a cliff into the lake. That was extremely scary for everyone but we all faced our fears. Jared, Luke, and Lydia met a man named Darma, a man who follows Mayan tradition and art. Lydia shared Jesus with Darma by having a worship session with him. Annika, Noah, Luke, Kait shared their testimonies with the rest of the group. The women in San Pedro wash their clothes and bathe down in the lake and Kait and Brooke went down to the lake to wash the womens’ clothes for them. When we arrived in Guatemala City, we finally got to hear Laura’s amazing testimony. One of our translators Marcia just left this morning. We are sad to see her go as she brought great joy to our team.

Some prayer requests:
  • Marcia and Javier (other translator) for their trip back to Copan Ruins
  • Laura is actually going to be speaking at a youth conference in Indiana for a couple days, so pray for safe travels. She will be back for Deep Camp.
  • Annika who received a painful sunburn on her legs.
Can’t wait to see you guys. We wish you peace and blessings 🙂

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