Experience 2018 Second International Update


Hello Everyone!

It is hard to believe we have been here for over a week! The Lord has presented many opportunities since our last update. We stayed in Chalco for two more days and had the opportunity to serve in the community in unique ways. We joined with the church we worshiped and ministered to earlier in the week and went into the neighborhood and swept the sidewalks and main streets of the area. It was a physical sweeping, yet we were praying for a spiritual sweeping of the city. We prayed God would move within the church and into the neighborhood—for God’s power to come into homes and hearts of the people of Chalco. After we swept the streets we went back to the church for a time of testimonies and refreshments. We were able to work through the language barrier and begin relationships that we know will last beyond our time here in Mexico. It also showed us that the love of Christ shared through his body has no language barrier, this was a great reminder as we launched into our final day of Chalco.

When we were cleaning the streets, Lisa had an encounter with a local Mother who shared that she was a Muslim and welcomed us to come back to spend time with her and her family in her home. Lisa and a few of the female teammates decided to use the final day to step into this unique opportunity. During that time, she opened up to us about her faith and her life. She shared that she believes that there are many ways to reach God but that they all point back to him. Her daughter shared that she didn’t understand why we were in Chalco, for no one ever comes to Chalco. We were able to share why we were there and what God was sharing to us through the summer. At the end of our time we prayed for the family and exchanged Facebook information. It was another bridge building opportunity we are praying will last way past our time here in Mexico.

We are now in the city of Jiutepec, and staying with our amazing host Alberto! We have had the opportunity to do some sports ministry at a local sports field. Also, we had the opportunity to connect with some of the local youth and hear their stories and worship alongside them in both of our heart languages. We traveled to another city an hour away that was heavily affected by the September 2017 earthquake. The town Jojutla had many homes and businesses completely crumble to the ground on that day. Many families lost everything they had, they are either living in a tent in the city or another city and having to commute in to the city to work. Moreover, their pipe system broke in many places and they are having to hand dig a whole new system. Walking around and seeing the devastation after so many months broke all of our hearts. We were able to connect with some of the locals of the city who shared some of their stories with us. One of the conversations that really made us think and broke our hearts was with a man who was learning English and wanted to practice with us. He said that “We don’t need food, or anything for health. We need people to come help with construction.” It made us think that it is the world’s way to throw supplies or money at a situation instead of going and getting our hands dirty. It has given us a new worldview to pray for and seek God for his direction for the city.


We thank you for your prayers for us so far and ask for you to continue praying for us all. Here are few specific needs for you we ask for prayer for:

  • The city of Chalco and church there.
  • Our host in Chalco son, Daniel is facing some health issues that they have asked us to pray for.
  • The city of Jojutla, as they are navigating this new way of life after the earthquake and for God to provide the aid needed.
  • Please pray for our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. God is moving in our lives and we would love prayers as we step out into His plan and His call for us.


Thank you all for your support! We love and miss everyone!! God Bless!




Hello friends!


We are here in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala! During our remaining time in Copan Ruins, Honduras our team ended up going to church Sunday morning/evening. Christi gave her testimony and Kait, Christi, Luke, and Jared all preached at the church. After the evening service, the church ended up praying for the team and we ended the evening with a beautiful night of worship! God has been showing up :)! We then headed for Guatemala City and stayed one night in the wonderful home of Pastor Salvador and his wife Elme, we learned the couple has one grown daughter who wanted to meet us but was sad she couldn’t. Please keep the family in your prayers as they have blessed us a lot.


The whole team split into two groups and were given the chance to lead the team! The next day we arrived in Chichicastenango, went out, scouted the area, and learned about the culture. While in Chichicastenango our group got to visit the cemetery where witch doctors are and where people pray to Jesus as well as Satan and their ancestors. I (Lydia) led worship in the cemetrery where some of witch doctors were and Luke received an opportunity to pray for a witch doctor! Please be praying for the city Chichiastengo for they mix Jesus and Mayan tradition together. Pray that the people will know that Jesus is the only way, the truth, and the life and pray God restores hope in the city as many people there seem hopeless and are seeking truth.


Our whole team ended playing worship in the park and we had a God encounter with a family. We ended up praying for the family as well as giving them hope. I actually gave up my ukelele to the oldest girl in the family, which brought her a lot of joy and hope! Please be praying for that family a mom who is a believer, the father who is addicted to alcohol and their three daughters that God will change their family drastically!

Please be praying for the team that God will keep showing up. Love and miss you guys :)!

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