Experience 2018 First International Update


We are in Mexico! It has only been two days and already some truly incredible things are happening. Before we even left the United States, we met a man named Ralph, a catholic man who had lived his life going through the motions of a “good catholic” and we were able to pray over him and have good discussion. We were also able to pray over our flight attendant named Krystal. She is getting ready to go on a mission trip to Mali, Africa and is now praying for us as well! We had a two-hour delayed flight, which some might find frustrating, but God totally showed up. The team was able to meet a violinist named Danny and began a worship session at the gate we were waiting at. We also got the opportunity to pray over Maria, a bystander who stopped to listen to what we were playing. Maria lost her sister that same morning so prayers for her and her family would be greatly appreciated.


Our first day in Mexico City we were able to get a history tour of the city and hear about how their culture views Jesus. We were able to go into the central cathedral in Mexico City and see the beauty of the architecture, but we also experienced the immense misunderstanding that the culture has about Jesus. Our hearts break thinking about the need these people have for the gospel and it motivates us to get after what God has in store for us and to allow Him to guide us. After the tour, we were able to eat lunch at Santi’s father-in-law’s and it was delicious! Santi’s niece Lea allowed all of us to have some of her favorite candy here in Mexico, and that was also delicious. After lunch we were able to get some rest and showers in before dinner. Dinner was awesome, and the team had some great conversation. As a team we have only gotten closer since being here and we have worked very well together.


Today has been such a good day! We traveled to Chalco, Mexico and were able to perform a skit, give a testimony, and worship together at a church that an Experience team has not yet been to. During the church service, we had the opportunity to pray together with those in the congregation—blessing one another in the everyday ministry opportunities around us.  The team was amazed to experience how language was no barrier to prayer and love.


Seeing how our team all came together and were able to learn two worship songs for the service in Spanish in a matter of hours, as well as perfect a skit, really affirms how well our team is working together. Unity is such a special thing to experience! We also had our first hot seat today which allowed for a space where true vulnerability could show and opened our eyes and our hearts to genuinely see one another at an even deeper value.


We have had so much fun as a group learning and discovering more about one another, what each other’s strengths and weaknesses look like, and being able to build each other up in those down moments.


Moving forward some prayer requests we have are:

  • José (our host’s son) is being kept by Diana’s parents so we are asking for a blessing on them because without them taking care of José they would not be able to host us. Also, the salvation of Diana’s parents as they do not know Christ yet.
  • That the energy level of our team would continue to stay high, also that the unity our team has shown would continue and strengthen.
  • We would stay healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, as we are adapting to different foods and culture.
  • That we could continue to be led by the Holy Spirit


Thank you so much for the support, we love and miss everyone!



Thank you for your prayers as we made our way to Honduras!  The travel was long and the team was feeling sleepy and a little disoriented, but otherwise in really good spirits.


We’ve been introduced everyone to our host Marcia. It is such a joy to partner with her here in Copan—Marcia loves the Lord and loves her people so much it is contagious, she has a real burden and passion and vision for Copan. She shared with the team how much Forge has meant to her on her journey with Jesus (she’s also an Experience Alumni), and how much this feels like a true Kingdom partnership.


We arrived in Copan Ruinas, Honduras about 7pm Tuesday night at the hotel. On our way to the hotel we each shared embarrassing stories and laughed the whole way. When we were flying to Honduras we got a chance to meet a girl named Hiley who is a follower of Christ and Lydia had the opportunity to pray for her. Wednesday we drove from the hotel to a nearby village riding in the back of the trucks. Caleb is challenging all of us to step out of our comfort zones, including engaging in conversation with the locals in town. We had our first church service that evening with the adults. Annika, Caleb, and the rest of the group performed a skit and played with the children, they are such a joy! :D. We stayed in the village for two nights.


Thursday we all spoke about Caleb’s 9 windows message, then we gave another skit to the kids about David and Goliath. The same night Caleb shared about the circle of intimacy with the people in the village, and they were very blessed and grateful we came. Day 4 (Friday) Christi gave a 30 minute testimony, then we split into two groups. One group (Annika, Brooke, Noah, and Luke) with Caleb and the other (Colin, Lydia, Kait, Jared, and Christi) with Laura. Colin spoke about God using ordinary people in extraordinary ways and Kait shared the story of Elijah and the fire with the youth group. Today we all went zip lining, fun!!! We leave soon for Santa Lucía (a nearby village).


Keep us in your prayers. Some specific requests are:

  • For our time ministering to the kids and adults of Santa Lucia, who are hungry for deeper discipleship
  • Also pray for us on Friday, while some of the team will be visiting a town to minister there while the rest of the group returns to Copan to lead the youth service at Marcia’s church
  • For continued health mentally, physically, spiritually
  • Continued spirit-led moments of sharing God’s Kingdom with the people
Love you guys! 🙂

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