When Big Change Starts Small

Transformation is a BIG word. As someone sensitive to over-sharing and over-exaggerating, I at times struggled with this word readily used in ministry settings. I’ve gone through Forge’s Experience training program, and while I wouldn’t change it for the world, I also struggled with the big words like transformative that many used at the end of the program. Looking back though, I realized God did do a work in me through The Experience. The transformation, however, was not a blinding light on the road to Damascus, but a gentle undoing of unhealthy habits, rewriting false mindsets, centering on truth, and realizing what it actually means to know that the God of the Universe loves me.


After I did a lot of our Life Planning activities as a student on The Experience, I had the opportunity to go through all the same materials again as a staff member four years later. What I noticed was that Jesus had entered in and radically changed my life through a series of seemingly small and ordinary things. The word independence I had carried like a badge of honor my early years of college, could not be found on my later Life Planning papers. Over the course of those four years, I had learned the humility and benefit of admitting my own weaknesses and needs. And while still seeking to be someone who can work hard and thrive without handouts, sometimes God calls me to lay down my pride and ask, “Can you help me?”


So this summer, walk with us through the big and small moments. The rewriting of broken narratives, the reworking of poor habits, the realigning with God in laying down pride and asking Him for help. Would you spend some time and ask God what changes or challenges He may be asking you to enter into this summer? The process may start small, but the transformation can be BIG.

Julia Michael

Julia Michael is passionate about telling stories. Whether through blogs, social media posts, or one-on-one conversations, Julia hopes to show others how important their stories are and how they are part of God’s much grander narrative. As we seek Jesus more fully each day, it’s incredible to see how Christ shapes the stories our lives are telling.

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