Practicing the God-Shaped Life

Watch the video below to hear a personal testimony from Forge Speaker Adrian Despres as he shares how practicing quick “yesses” to God provided opportunities to co-labor with God and be on mission with Him in the world.

It can be very easy to talk about living a life for God, but what does that really look like lived out? We pray these personal stories can be illustrations of how God is at work through our everyday lives, inviting us deeper and setting our hearts on fire. May He teach us to #LoveonPurpose.




Fire lovingly beckons. What is your reply? Forge’s newest resource from Dwight Robertson and John Boyd, Forged by Fire, dives deep into finding intimacy with God and being transformed by the refining and transforming power of His love. This resource is also going to play a huge part in our Love on Purpose month starting tomorrow! To get your own copy and learn more about Forged by Fire click the image to the left!

Adrian Despres

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