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These past several weeks have been filled with stories and testimonies that proclaim the love and power of our God! As The Experience and 16 Days students graduated, the reality that our God transforms and changes lives was tangible throughout their testimonies. These students have truly been forged for the King’s perfect purposes.

On both Graduation Days, excitement filled the room as we dared to imagine the unique and intentional ways God’s Kingdom will be built through these young adult lives. Praise be to God, for more laborers have been raised up to join in the effort to reach those who are lost and broken.Hear firsthand from a couple of our students, about how God impacted them this summer!


Experience Testimony, Whitney (Tennessee) 

“The sacrificial love of God extends beyond anything I can imagine. Trying to work for God’s love and approval will do nothing but exhaust me. Only when I learn to live in Grace can I experience the life that God intended me to live.”

Experience Testimony, Windel (Haiti)

“The Experience has been the biggest ‘take away’ of my life. God wanted me to come, to shape me and wreck my heart. I will go back to Haiti with … a new heart, a new name, with more determination to make disciples in Haiti. I will go back with new perspectives, and more clarity about my mission and my identity in Christ.

God has broken my heart in Saltillo, Mexico, about addicted people. My place is with those people. The churches in Haiti need a new discipleship, to accept and love people no matter who they are. Before The Experience I have had theological knowledge, but now I have a new heart, new character, in Christ.”

16 Days Testimony, Dontae (Colorado)

“Confused, misled, rejected and ashamed, was the constant pattern and theme of my spiritual life before 16 Days. I was in need of friendship, of young Christians who wouldn’t be ashamed of their faith, of people who loved and accepted me into their spiritual family … I was in need of a spiritual awakening.

On June 20, 2016 I entered into a place that was overwhelming and welcoming at the same time. A place where the Word of God ran rampant all the time, where love and encouragement were the main sources of communication falling from the hearts of my fellow brothers and sisters all day everyday. God completely transformed the way I viewed Him, the way I surrendered to Him, the way I prayed, and the way I viewed others.

Before this trip I was completely ashamed of my body image, sometimes of my skin color. God told me that He made me perfectly in His image, and in Him I am made whole and possess a God-given identity … an identity that I couldn’t quite comprehend or even realize was there … Me, Dontae, God’s Singing Warrior, is now adopted by the King, loved unconditionally, eternally valued and washed clean in the blood of Jesus.”

Experience Testimony, Daniel (Colorado)

“God showed me the power of reliance on Him. He wants to use the moments and seasons of our lives to eternally impact His Kingdom. He is faithful and will always come through. Intentionally relying and pursuing Him will always lead to God moving and working in incredible ways.”

Experience Testimony, Michaela (South Carolina)

“With the cross there is no need for performance because Jesus has already given all the tools that are needed. I don’t need to prove myself to God because He already loves me.


Thank you for your prayers. Stories like the ones you read above were made possible because of individuals like YOU! All of this life change is thanks to you partnering with God and all He is doing at Forge.

Also, the summer programs may have ended, but we would love if you’d continue praying for these new Kingdom Laborers, as they seek to reengage in their hometowns and in their regular routines of life. God has gone behind and before each student. We trust He will guide them by the hand as they walk each day in faith!

As students reengage at home, please pray specifically for them to:

  • Be covered in grace and peace and offer gratitude to God for the gift of new Kingdom brothers and sisters in Christ they discovered this summer
  • Rest in the new life-change God brought in their lives and depend on Him daily
  • Be willing to share their stories and testimonies with a new level of openness and freedom to their family and friends
  • Hold tightly to God’s truth and promises as obstacles and testing come

Watch The Experience and 16 Days Graduations recording at!

Julia Michael

Julia Michael is passionate about telling stories. Whether through blogs, social media posts, or one-on-one conversations, Julia hopes to show others how important their stories are and how they are part of God’s much grander narrative. As we seek Jesus more fully each day, it’s incredible to see how Christ shapes the stories our lives are telling.

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