Loving Beyond Our Speed Dial List

We often pray, “Forge me, Lord,” but do we request with the same kind of passion and urgency that God also “Forge us” and “Forge them”?

We live in a culture where “self” reigns supreme. Even in Christian circles, we’re inclined to make sure all of our personal and spiritual needs come first. Next on our energy and attention distribution comes our closest friends and immediate family. Any engagement with people beyond that usually depends on how much we have left in our physical, emotional, and spiritual tank. Simply put, people beyond our speed dial list often get our leftovers.

The call of the forged life is to deeply love God and to love others as we love our self (Matthew 22:37-39). If honest, loving beyond the small circle we create around “self” challenges many of us. An occasional check-up in the “love others” department seems appropriate to Kingdom laborers bent on a life of continual growth and maturity.

A Love Check-Up

Here a few conversation starters to have with Jesus. The goal here is not to check off boxes but to have heart-to-heart dialogue with Jesus Himself. We hope your intentional conversation with Jesus will help you to more intentionally love those beyond your closest and most comfortable “easiest to go to” relationships.

  • Lord, how am I doing in loving people beyond myself and closest relationships? [Listen, give God time to speak. If helpful, write what you hear on paper]
  • Lord, please forgive me for not loving others well when I …
  • Lord, which domain of life [school/work, family, church, community/world] could use more intentionality in loving other people? What are one or two purposeful steps I can take to love people more deeply in that area? When should I begin?
  • Lord, what are some things in my most comfortable relationships that might need to be cut back or eliminated in order to create more space, energy and involvement in your work of “forge us” and “forge them”?
  • Lord, who is one person you would like me to love more intentionally? How and when would you like me to begin to do that?

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