Ever Dared to Dream?

Have you ever dared to dream with God?

Have you ever played the game that begins, “If money, time, and resources were no object, I’d…” and then you finish the sentence? The game is entertaining and, at times, eye-opening. For many, the dream is just that, however, a dream. They know that as fun as that exercise is—money, time, and resources are a limited commodity they don’t (and probably never will) possess.

But what if the world really was your oyster? Better yet, what if your dad owned it all…not just the “cattle on a thousand hills” but all the hills as well? Would you dare to dream then?

Scripture tells us that “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” (Psalm 24:1). If your Father who loves you owns it all, isn’t it worth dreaming about all the ways you can possibly join with your Abba-Daddy in His work of love happening all around? Isn’t it worth opening up your heart, mind, and imagination to what it could really be like if the One who has every resource to pull off the dream… can really pull off the dream?

Maybe it’s time to have some conversation with God… not to talk, ask, tell, or ponder how it can all happen, but to get excited and let your soul explore all the “what if’s” that can happen?

What if… my loved one turned to You God after all these years?

What if… that barista I meet everyday knew how much You love her?

What if… this addiction I can’t seem to escape no longer imprisoned me?

What if… I shared hope in places no one else wants to go—where would it be?

What if… I did the most courageous thing You ever asked—what would that be?

What if…

What if, even in the hard places of our life, we dare to trust God to plant hope and possibility in us far beyond our present circumstance or the seemingly impossible circumstances of others?

When we begin to dream about what only God can accomplish, our “dreaming” actually “restores us to health,” as one alternative rendering of Psalm 126:1 reads (NIV). Imagine that, our dreaming is actually a healthy part of our living and not just some fanciful, pie-in-the-sky thinking as some might suggest. Our dreaming actually makes us dare to believe that our feet, hands, mouth, and mind can follow.

Maybe it’s time to find some space, become ever aware of the God for whom all things are possible, and ask, “God, what if…”?

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