God-Sized Vision

In East Africa there is a remote tribe called the Hadzabe (“Hod-zuh-bay”) that speaks an isolated click language and worships both the sun and “ancestor” spirits. Yet God is bringing hope for the Hadza through a woman named Mariaumu. Mariaumu is a Hadza woman who just recently committed her life to Christ and immediately began to join God in His mission.

Mariamu caught the vision casted by Jesus Himself in Matthew 9 for more laborers to be sent into the harvest field as she became a laborer herself. Only two months after surrendering her life to Jesus, Mariamu came to me and said, “Last night I was praying for God to open doors for the Gospel among the Hadzabe people, and I remember having a dream and God spoke to me, ‘Begin to teach at Mambos’ village.’” And Mariamu has begun to do this very thing.

She has taught Bible stories to that entire village, and even equipped several Hadza people who are now Christians and sent them off to unreached villages with the mission to spark disciples who will make disciples, or in other words, Kingdom Laborers!

Mariamu simply needed a small spark to begin powerfully laboring for God’s Kingdom—she encountered a living God who is still speaking today. And as she did, she realized that God’s vision is much better than her own vision for life.

Have you ever looked at those who have an immense impact for the Kingdom of God and wondered, “How do they do it?” or “Where did they begin?”

If you look at everyday ordinary people that God used in powerful ways all throughout Scripture, they too, simply encountered God and then received a unique mission from and for Him as He spoke vision into their lives.

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint” or as The Message puts it, “If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves.”

This idea of “vision” in Proverbs is literally revelation from God, or in other words, communication from Him. This vision is one that God Himself gives—not one that we ourselves create. And in Hebrew, the idea of “casting off restraint” is meant to invoke an image of a horse without a bridle… to be completely unbridled and without direction or guidance.

If we are following our own life vision—even if it is for God— we have missed out on God’s true guidance and direction and are running around unbridled because the vision is not from God Himself.

All of God’s laborers in Scripture received their visions from God. Mariamu received her vision from God and began to follow it; and as a result, powerful Kingdom movement has happened!

Whose vision are you following? Have you sought the Lord and longed to hear His voice rather than your own?

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Charlie Marq

Speaking with intensity, urgency, and passionate stories, Charlie Marq challenges Christians to fully engage in God’s heart and world-wide mission: whether across the street or across the sea. Through discipleship-focused and missionally-oriented messages, Charlie equips diverse groups of listeners to surrender to the deep love of Jesus, daily seek to hear His voice, and then radically and lovingly obey Christ—no matter the place, no matter the people, no matter the cost! He is passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God advanced among the unreached, unengaged, and frontier regions of the world. Charlie’s heartbeat is Romans 15:20: “to preach the gospel where Christ is not known.” And so, he has put his feet to his faith, traveling extensively to unreached people groups as a participant, leader, and even on his own. Currently, Charlie and his wife Dara reside in Denver, Colorado. Dara serves as an anointed worship leader and occasionally joins him to play music during itinerant speaking ventures—she is often available to join upon request. Charlie is a former youth pastor, graduate of Colorado Christian University and an Ordained Minister of the Gospel. Travels from: Colorado

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