Live Recording: “The Main Thing”

Dwight Robertson, President and Founder of Forge, shares a powerful reminder that your intimacy with God is the greatest gift you will give this world.  No matter how young or seasoned your relationship with God is, the wonder of walking in friendship with our Creator is that there’s always a new depth to experience in intimacy with Him. 

Click here to download class notes to follow along with: “Main Thing” (PDF).

Dwight Robertson

Forge's Founder and President Dwight Robertson is known nationally as a dynamic and gifted communicator. His life calling and mission—to challenge Christians to the role of laborership—is shared passionately as Dwight communicates with evident excitement and urgency. The goal of his message is to see individuals moving toward deeper levels of spiritual intimacy and to gain a world-changing vision while assuming their role as laborers for God’s Kingdom.

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