Everyday Love

Crouching obscurely just off the corner of a rush hour crossroad, Ricki gingerly held her stomach to soothe the pain of an intestinal infection she didn’t have the money for. While her stomach ached, Ricki was trying even harder to manage the throbbing of a broken heart and wounded soul. Her mother, the only parent she ever knew, had died a year or so prior, and the only significant relationship that remained in her life just abandoned her curbside so he could pursue “other interests” in another state. Like the traffic debris around her, Ricki felt discarded—without a home and without hope.

Drivers passed by seemingly undaunted by the all too familiar scene. That is, until God showed up in Brittany’s car. Brittany had just turned down her stereo enough to hear God say, “Look over there, there’s one who needs me.” Brittany did as the Lord directed. To the chagrin of the traffic behind her, Brittany stopped, rolled down her window, and offered Ricki a warm meal and bed for the evening. Surprisingly, Ricki politely declined. A bit confused, Brittany pulled away.

But God is persistently loving. He spoke to Brittany again and she maneuvered her way back through town to Ricki. After an awkward re-acquaintance, Brittany offered Ricki a close-by meal and conversation. This time, Ricki accepted. In the words of Brittany, “As I gave Ricki an ear, it seemed to give her a voice.” God’s love rekindled hope in Ricki that day through Brittany.

Opportunities to love present themselves around us every day. Loving others isn’t complicated. But love does require a genuine desire to hear God speak and the courage to do whatever He asks. Who are the everyday people in your everyday places to see, stop, and spend time with* as you partner in ministry with Jesus?

*Read the Book of Matthew (particularly Matthew 9) for a greater understanding of Jesus “seeing, stopping, and spending time with” people.

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