Love Ablaze

How much does love cost? The price of a box of chocolates? The equivalent of a bouquet of roses? The purchase of a Hallmark card and the creative energy needed to pen a lovely thought or two?

Setting aside a day to celebrate love is certainly sweet and often meaningful. Yet, a one day expression of affection could never suitably replace the ongoing sacrifice and attention necessary to keep love ablaze all year around.

Interestingly enough, for all the hoopla surrounding the celebration of the annual Day of Love, little is actually known about St. Valentine, for whom the day is named. Two things we do know, however: St. Valentine was martyred for His faith in Jesus Christ; and, his name comes from a Latin word that means, “worthy, strong, powerful.”

A giving of life that is worthy, strong, powerful. Perhaps that’s more the stuff of love. And perhaps a better word for such love is “passion.” Not the fiery emotion and desire we often associate with romance, but the kind of passion that will do whatever it costs or takes for love. True passion exhibits the willingness to suffer and sacrifice. That’s the kind of passion Jesus had on the Cross, and also the same passion Paul calls us to in Philippians 3:10.  The Christian journey will lead us to places where we are challenged to participate with Jesus in His suffering. St. Valentine took love and passion quite seriously. He willingly lived and died out of love for the One who so passionately loved and died for him.

Jesus, out of a passionate love for you, willingly gave His very life and blood. How passionate is your love for Jesus? What is your love for Him actually costing you?

Is your heart ablaze with love for Jesus?
Invite His help in igniting more passionate love for Him in your heart and life this Valentine’s season.  |  #LoveOnPurposeChallenge

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