Alabaster Love

Who spends a year’s hard-earned cash on a single act of deep affection? Who, for the solitary delight of another, risks being misunderstood and ridiculed as wasteful and impractical? Who, for a one-time-only chance to lavishly bless another, responds swiftly and extravagantly without giving convenience and cost the slightest consideration?

Love does. And so did the woman who anointed Jesus soon before His journey to the Cross (Mark 14:1-9).

True love has a way of digging far beneath the surface of things we otherwise hold dear. True love searches endlessly to find some token or treasure to express the fullness of our affection, devotion and admiration. Song writers have long expressed the idea of doing anything for love—swimming deepest oceans, climbing highest mountains, walking thousands of miles. That’s just what true love does.

What are you willing to do to express to God that He really is your one-and-only greatest love? The woman at Simon the Leper’s house decided to break open an alabaster jar containing exquisite perfume and honor Jesus head to toe with all that she had. Her gift was perhaps the most valuable thing she owned. In that timely moment, she really didn’t care. She simply wanted to express to Jesus in the greatest way possible that she deeply loved Him and would do or give anything…for Love.

What will you do for Love this Valentine season? How will you love on purpose the One who endured the cross out of His extravagant, willing to do anything love for you? | #LoveOnPurposeChallenge

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