Through a Child’s Eyes

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” (1 John 3:1)

When was the last time you looked up to your Father in heaven with the eyes of a child?  Be blessed today as you read this interview from a young girl who shared genuinely with us about what joy and peace mean to her.

L: When you think of the word “Joy”, what do you think about?

S: In general, being happy. And I think of Christmas.

L: What comes to mind when you think about joy at Christmas?

S: Celebrating Jesus. Spending time with family, and traditions.  I like traditions because they are something you look forward to, something you can count on doing every year.

L: When you see someone who you think is joyful, what is it that you notice most about that person?

S: Joyful people are always laughing a lot and they’re not worried about anything but are excited about the next thing. They rejoice in the things that they have, and are not always wanting something else.

L: How has Jesus given you joy in your life?

S: Through my family … because they are really encouraging. Especially my Grandma–whenever I talk to her about hard things, she always tells me the best solution. She is like the “exact answer book” of the right stuff.  Jesus has also made me realize that I can have joy in what I have. Right now I’m doing a project for school about hunger and poverty around the world, and even some of my friends at school have divorced parents, or families that they can’t talk about Jesus with, and I realize that I am really blessed with everything that I have.

L: When you think of the word “Peace”, what do you think about?

S: I always think of a map.  A map that shows a world with no more war, but people who are happy living together–like there are big smiley faces all over the map where there is peace. During Christmas, I think of the peace that Jesus brought when He came to earth, because He forgave our sins (even the ones that haven’t happened yet!) so we could have peace and joy in our lives. I think He was like a little glimpse of heaven.

L: Have you experienced Jesus giving you peace? 

S: Yes.  When my uncle died I was really afraid because I didn’t know what was going to happen and I know hard things like that can tear families apart. But I realized this is just earth, so it’s not a perfect place, and no matter what happens God is bigger than anything, and our fears are nothing compared to Him.

L: During the Christmas season, where are the places you see joy and peace? 

S: I see joy when people give gifts or receive gifts.  I think there is joy because Jesus came, and He promised that He is coming again. I see peace because Christmas is this really special day, and it’s like nothing bad can happen on Christmas. I think we all need to find joy and peace in each other so that we can find joy and peace in ourselves.

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