How Will You Give Thanks Today?

Those both near and far from God will celebrate a holiday of thankfulness today … will you be one whose praise reflects an eternal perspective and offers something different around the table?  Take some time to consider the boundless depth of richest praises you have to offer the King of Kings. There are many who will sit around a Thanksgiving table this year whose gratitude extends only to material items and empty gains.  A few of those sleeping hearts may even gather in your home today.  Might joy-filled smiles of peace, contentment and true praise stir something new within these sleeping hearts?  May we be among those bathed in God’s light, declaring the solid joys and lasting treasures we’ve found in Christ.  For the very Person for whom praise exists will be present with us, ready to awaken those asleep into a vibrant and abiding relationship with Him.  So in word and deed, be free to speak His praise, to declare the wonders of His name, and to testify to the new life He’s given you. Together with you we are prayerful, watchful, and filled with praise and worship unto God, our perfect and wonderful Father.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessed are you who enter in God’s name–from God’s house we bless you! God is God, he has bathed us in light. Festoon the shrine with garlands, hang colored banners above the altar! You’re my God, and I thank you. O my God, I lift high your praise. Thank God–he’s so good. His love never quits! (Psalm 118:26-29 The Message)

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