Giving Thanks for God’s Revival Fire

Raging fires often begin small. Every summer, the western United States experiences wildfire season. The dry hot climate and news stories create daily concern about the possibility of more fast-moving destructive fires. Some wildfires are ignited by a single lightning strike, the coals of a thought-to-be-extinguished campfire, or even a small cigarette butt. The fires always start small, but some grow to consume thousands upon thousands of acres.  Forests, homes and buildings are destroyed… communities are left upheaved for decades.

However, powerful fires are not always devastating. The book of Acts records a fire-like episode that began with a small gathering of obedient disciples shortly after Jesus’ death. The Holy Spirit filled the modest-sized room with His presence as He came with “tongues like fire” upon those present.  Engulfed by the overwhelming presence of God’s love and power, Peter and the other disciples began boldly and obediently sharing Jesus in Jerusalem. The good news of God’s love and freedom spread suddenly and quickly, like wildfire, to Judea, Samaria, and to this day–the ends of the earth.

On the recent Forge Forward Tour in Colorado, South Carolina and Indiana, we experienced the flames of God’s revival wildfire. At each of the events, the Forge Team experienced how God was moving in and through individual lives, even if the God-fire was yet small. The young college student who has started an evangelistic Bible study for international students, the young mother who is passionately preaching and leading people to Jesus, and the high school boys who are leading their youth group in the absence of a youth pastor–all small fires ignited by individual obedience. God desires to reach the world through ordinary Kingdom-building laborers, and He will continue to fuel revival wildfires to fulfill His good purposes both today and tomorrow.  Do you desire for Him to set your life ablaze?

This Thanksgiving, Forge is celebrating that God is still the God of Acts. He is still looking to spread His Kingdom and His righteousness through the lives of ordinary people “who have been with Jesus.” God grows the fire in you with every step of obedience you take… take a moment to listen and respond as He leads.

We are praying that God’s Kingdom will forge forward with a sudden increase of speed and power through your life, and that He would ignite a revival wildfire through you that would transform your surroundings for His glory and Kingdom impact. 

Forging Forward with God,

The Forge Team

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