Forge Forward, Fort Wayne!

A group of over two hundred people gathered in Fort Wayne, Indiana last night to hear about what God is up to and to learn how each of us can get involved in His perfect plan to reach the world with His love. Forge alumni, event hosts, prayer and financial partners, and ministry friends united in one prayer and purpose: “Forge us, oh God.”

In our culture today there are many misconceptions floating around about what it means to be a Christian. The term has been used and abused so frequently that it is hardly recognizable. Last night John Vermilya challenged us to ask ourselves what it means when we say we are Christians.  Is Christ displayed in the way we hope, the way we love, the way we serve?

He shared that Romanian Evangelicals have begun to call themselves by a new name: the “Repenters.” We are familiar with the term “repent” — we know that it means to turn away from something and turn toward something else. In the case of Christianity, we know it means to turn from our sins and turn toward Jesus. But too often we make the mistake of thinking this is a once-and-done kind of deal. Repenting becomes something we did a long time ago, when we were first “saved.”

But with this new name, defining themselves as the “Repenters”, Romanian Evangelicals are describing something that is more than just one moment in time. Becoming a repenter, a follower of the way of Jesus, a true Christian, means stepping into an ongoing lifestyle of turning from my way to His way. It means a lifelong turning from my flesh to the cross, from my comfort to His sacrifice, from my sin to His grace, from my shame to His freedom. It means allowing God to forge me, and to continue to forge me.

What does repenting mean to you? Was it something you once did, long ago? What would it look like for you to become a “repenter” — to step into a life of ongoing turning away from yourself and turning to behold the face of Christ?

Forge us, oh God. And continue to forge us.


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“God doesn’t want to see what you can do…He wants you to see what HE can do!”
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