God is Your Forge

Fire is a mesmerizing thing. How many decisions in the history of this world must have been made by someone gazing into a warm, active, colorful fire to contemplate what to do next? Personal decisions. National decisions. Family decisions. Millions of decisions.

Fire is not only captivating, it’s amazingly transformational. The fire that burns in a blacksmith’s forge shapes metal, softens hard steel and creates powerful tools and weapons. Fiery forges in factories all over the world transform slabs of metal into building structures, automobiles and appliances that shape our everyday lives.

Hebrews 12:29 proclaims, “…our God is a consuming fire.” And just like physical fire, God is mesmerizing and transformational. The wise on this planet know this and have experienced Him as such. Unfortunately, too many others have not. In our human nature, many of us are drawn to God’s mesmerizing fire but fear the change that His transformation will bring. So, many remain unchanged. Their lives, motionless and shapeless, become like slabs of human metal that add little to the work of Kingdom-building. How desperately the world needs to be drawn in and warmed by the fire of Christ that burns in us so that they may be transformed by God, their Forge, in every good way.

For almost 30 years, we have been challenging and equipping people to gaze upon and be mesmerized by God, their Forge, as He continually transforms and shapes them into what He wants them to be. That is one of the reasons we are so excited about the new name God has given us. Forge not only describes that God has given us the task of working with Him in shaping Kingdom-building laborers, Forge also describes God Himself. God is The Forge. He is your Forge. He is our Forge.

Celebrate with us the power, passion and purpose of what it will mean for years to come to introduce people to God, The Forge, the all-consuming, mesmerizing and transformational fire who wants to shape all of us into the people He has created us to be.

Forging Forward with God,

The Forge Team

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