How Loving God Led to Loving Others

Love sometimes lies dormant and waits for a little soul-watering to help it grow. Just ask Emily, a 2013 alumnus of The Experience. Long before Emily committed to our two-month training event, God was preparing her in advance for some very good Kingdom work (Ephesians 2:10). As God often does through The Experience, He began to water the seeds of love that He Himself had sown in Emily’s heart. And love grew.

God’s growing process requires unearthing the rough and rigid soil of pride and self-reliance that often prevents His living water from running deep. Emily was no exception to this procedure. Faithfully, God moved. Gratefully, Emily responded. The Experience provided space for God to till the hard-packed places in Emily. With life surrendered, heart filled, and eyes open, Emily began to see more clearly what God sees—hurting and broken people in dark and disregarded places.

The Experience helped give Emily a vision of how to better love God and others right where she lives. Connecting a hot beverage with the great need of knowing how much God values us—whoever we are, wherever we live, whatever we do—Emily began a ministry to women in the adult entertainment industry called, LOV Coffee (ladies of value). Starting a ministry hasn’t been easy. It rarely is. In addition to her efforts at LOV Coffee, Emily works a fulltime job. Still, she continues to do as much as she can, whenever she can; so that women paid with a price know just how much they are loved and valued by Jesus—the one who bought them with the highest price of all.

Is God tilling some soil in your own heart? Commit to loving Him deeply, keeping your eyes open to what He might have in store for you. You are His hands and feet of love to this world.

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