Agnes Robertson Shares On Prayer

Agnes grew up in a Catholic orphanage where each day 400 little boys and girls rose very early to get dressed, make beds and go to church at 6am, all before eating breakfast. God felt far away in church, and far away in the strict hands that influenced her growing up years. Little did she know how God could change a life.

“The first time I ever prayed was when I was 20 years old,” Agnes told me.
“I had contracted a serious case of pneumonia. My lung had collapsed and I was so weak that I couldn’t even walk. But I had heard about a Native American man in town who was going to speak at a tent revival meeting and I had a strong curiosity to go. My Father agreed to take me, even if it meant carrying me in. That night I felt like that speaker was preaching right to me. “You can have what I’ve got,” he said. As he gave the closing invitation, I stood up and walked all the way down to the front. Jesus healed me the same moment he saved my soul. And I realized then that I didn’t have to wait for a priest to pray to God…I could pray to Jesus myself!”

Journeying into her adult years, Agnes was often bothered that she didn’t spend enough time in prayer. Being a pastor’s wife with three kids led life to be a lot more about doing than praying. But special people, like her Mother, reminded her along the way that prayer often looks different throughout life’s seasons. “And now in my eighties, I have plenty of time!” she said. “Now is the time to be the prayer warrior God has called me to be.”

Currently, Agnes has two focuses in prayer: her neighborhood and the young generation of children growing up from Kingdom Building Ministries’ staff. To help her in interceding for others, she has found that keeping a small book of prayer requests is very useful in guiding her time.

Q: How would you describe intercessory prayer?

A: “Intercession feels like a strong burden for somebody or something – a deep burning conviction that I NEED to pray. Over time, I’ve gotten used to asking God who is on His heart to pray for.”

As Agnes opened up her life to labor more in prayer, God began showing her unique ways to shine His light. She quickly discovered that most of her neighbors were single woman with few friends. As her prayer for them increased, her love for them grew and so did doors of opportunity. Excitement and hope glimmered in Agnes’ eyes as she shared how she patiently awaits God’s divine timing to share the Reason her life has been changed.

“As I pray for others, God continues to shape me. I sense a deeper desire to read and study His Word. My growing prayer life has caused me to value the scripture more than I did before.”

Q: What has been the theme of your prayers lately?

A: “I’ve been asking the Lord to refine me; to burn the dross away. You’d think at my age the impurities would be out, but we’ll never arrive until we’re face to face with Jesus!”

“Also, I often ask for the fire of God’s presence within me – for people to be able to see the desire I have for Jesus.”

Q: What do you envision happening if more people prayed?

A: “We do need a lot more people to accept God’s call to be praying, even more than doing! If we did pray, we’d see miracle after miracle happen…a lot more of God. Since I was a little girl, I can recount story after story of how God moved in my life through prayer.”

Agnes is a living testimony of the way God can redeem a story and bring abundant life through faithfully laboring for His Kingdom. She is a spiritual mother and grandmother to many and we count ourselves richly blessed to learn from her example.

Who are the people and where are the places God is calling you to intercede for today?

4 Responses to “Agnes Robertson Shares On Prayer”

  1. Barbara Shidler

    I am a friend of Marcia Lauber. It was wonderful getting more of an insight into Marcia’s family. Marcia talks about her with love all the time and I can tell she’s very close to her and especially her grandson Landon. Thank you for writing this informative piece about and very precious woman’s heart.

  2. Jim Rathbun

    Agnes, thank you for beinga great example of a prayer warrior when I was in school at Marion College (Indiana Wesleyan University) and attended Lakeview Wesleyan Church. Then again as I joined the staff at Forge/Kingdom Building Ministries in the beginning years. You were and are a great example of a person that his passionately following God. I greatly appreciate you!!

  3. Ron Nichols

    I have the blessed privilege of knowing Agnes all my life and most of hers, as I am her brother. I have witnessed her in all of life situations and have always seen the love of Christ shining brightly for all to see. She continues to be an example of Christian discipline and love for all she comes in contact. Her example to her children has become her living legacy as they now carry the torch of Christ’s love in their life and family. The founder of K.B.M., her eldest son, now touches the lives of countless thousands through his work and influence at K.B.M. She once began a Women’s Bible study in a town, Sandy Lake, PA., where her husband pastored. This Bible study soon touched the entire small town as many women fro m the community came each week. This is only 1 small example of her life as Pastor’s wife but more importantly a devoted Christian.

  4. Debbie Norton

    I had the pleasure growing up with this family while they pastored at Lakeview Church in Marion, Indiana. They were a Blessing then and a Blessing now. Although we are far apart I see them on Facebook and remember the faith I took with me from knowing the whole family and what they taught me about Jesus that I hold dear to my heart. Love you all


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