Living the Lessons

Jesus was a great teacher. He still is. And His teaching, like all great teachers, impacted His students far beyond the classroom setting. Good teachers transfer information and ideas. Great teachers help transform the hearts, minds, and souls of students. In encountering “Jesus the teacher,” one can never walk away unchanged.

Jesus' teaching was vastly different from many of the teachers of His day. The distinctive feature of Jesus was that He not only modeled truth, He actually was, and is, “the truth" (as well as “the way" and “the life"). And His students, seeing what truth and love really looked like, began to live the way, the truth, and life they saw Jesus model. Jesus poured into His students. His students poured into others. That’s the nature of teaching. It’s also the nature of love: live out and pass on to others what has been lovingly given to you.

The Experience students (split into three teams) have all arrived safely in their respective places of ministry in Haiti, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. Each team is beginning to live out what they have been learning in their experience with Jesus over the past several weeks. Having learned more of how big God really is, how much value He places on those whom He has created and called, how dependent we really are upon Him, how important humility is, how crucial it is to walk in unity with other Kingdom laborers, and how love looks more like stooping to wash feet than blurting out religious jargon (just to name a few lessons) – the students are taking the classroom into everyday life.

Immersed in a new culture, with new barriers of language and real obstacles of poverty, hunger, and all manner of things expected and unexpected, the team is daily learning not only to do what Jesus did, but more importantly: to be who Jesus is. The Experience students continue to live out what Jesus promised, “whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these.” John 14:12

Where are you being transformed by Jesus' life and teaching? Perhaps you’ve learned a lot about Jesus over the years, but are you living out and doing the “greater things than these” that Jesus promised? Are the sermons and lessons encountered over the weekend transforming the rest of your living and loving throughout your week?

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