Because of the Resurrection

As followers of Jesus, so often we identify our faith by the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross and his relentless love that led him to such a brutal death. But may we never forget the impact of Jesus’ resurrection! He made himself the ultimate victory and defeated death forever! If Jesus had only died, our faith would be not different than any others.

Listen to KBM Speaker, and once claimed atheist, Tim Reilly, as he shared his thoughts on Resurrection…

Tim Reilly

Tim Reilly is an ex-Atheist turned Evangelist. After attempting to disprove God’s existence, Tim ran right into him, through the overwhelming evidence of history, logic and reason. Tim is now a pastor/evangelist/missionary at Morgan Hill Bible Church in Morgan Hill, California (Bay Area), where he resides with his wife and four kids. Tim loves cycling, apologetics, theology and people. To learn more about Tim, visit and

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