A Day of Silent Waiting

What’s worth remembering: Silence + Betrayal

Rare is the opportunity to talk to a dead man after his assassination. Time and breath have a way of working against such. With the day of execution holding so little time for interviews, one can only speculate what all roams, scours, and haunts the mind of those who know that their next waking morning will be their last. Minutes must seem like hours as the day burns quickly to night. Is the silence deafening? Does one replay life’s key moments like a highlight reel? Do thoughts of life after death spin endlessly in one’s imagination? And what was going through the minds of the executioners? What, if anything, do they feel? Do they rest easy? Do they relish the part that they play as one who holds the power to destroy? Or do they lie awake and wrestle; knowing that a life that is will be no more?

The end was near for Jesus. He knew it. As one fully God, he saw frame by frame the plot about to unfold. As one fully human, he agonized over the cup of pain and sorrow set before him. And while Jesus waited, others plotted. They were fitting and shaping the pieces of a puzzle they themselves created. Eerie silence met resounding plots and schemes that “all too quiet” day – a day that proved to be both the calm before the storm and the tempest itself brewing.

Something to ponder today:

Where are you in the mix? Are you sitting with Jesus, awaiting the inevitable with the words “peace be still” as your hope and stay? Or are you otherwise plotting your way around this Jesus who has left you disappointed in a Kingdom of your own making?

Experience it in the Word:

Matthew 26:1-16 | Mark 14:1-11 | Luke 22:1-6

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