Clearing of the Temple

What’s worth remembering: Prayer + Robbery

Jesus never forgot what the Kingdom of God was all about. Unfortunately, the overly religious ones couldn’t remember. Jesus desired a deep exchange of heart and soul with all who would seek him. The religious ones desired to exchange cash for sacrifice. Jesus wanted an open-door policy that led directly to the heart of the Father. The dutiful ones wanted closed-gated access to determine who comes and goes and who’s in and out of the Temple courts and the presence of God. Jesus was healing the blind and enabling the lame to walk. The money changers were robbing people blind and leaving them without a leg to stand on. And on and on it goes. Jesus was saying, in essence, “Those of you who should know best have burdened God the most.” And in turning the tables upside-down, Jesus proclaimed a reversal of all the ways God had been misrepresented and used.

Something to ponder today:
Is my heart filled with prayer in knowing and pleasing the Father or am I otherwise misrepresenting and using God intentionally or unaware?

Experience it in the Word:
Matthew 21:12-17 | Mark 11:12-26 | Luke 19:45-48 | John 12:12-16

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