Lord Jesus, Have Mercy

When grave circumstances, suffering, temptation, intercession, overwhelming compassion, and despair seem to leave you without words, a few still remain: “Lord, have mercy.”

“But that’s not enough,” you might think. Yes, it is. God has displayed over and over that prayers for mercy are the most answered prayers throughout the Bible. If you’ve ever wondered whether God hears the cry of your heart, may you be assured He does. KBM itinerant, Pastor Robert Gelinas, recently published a book entitled The Mercy Prayer, in which God’s merciful character is powerfully put on display. His writing inspired the remainder of this post, and we would highly recommend reading through the book on your own (see below for more information).

What is mercy?

Mercy is the opposite of justice. Justice brings us what we deserve. Mercy is not receiving what we have coming to us, or receiving less than the consequences we deserve. You may be well acquainted with those definitions, but have you ever pondered the depths of what they mean? Mercy is miraculous intervention by our loving God on behalf of our desperate cries and our utter depravity. Mercy goes deeper than the concept of God simply withholding His wrath – it speaks to His compassion, His kindness and forgiveness, His grace, and love.

It was Christ’s mercy that became His reputation while He walked in and out of the places He traveled. And it seems that His mercy even led Him to the very places where the need for His miraculous touch was greatest. Over and over again the gospel writers convey a similar story. Lepers, the sick and dying, a woman who had bled her entire life, and the demon possessed all had the same prayer: “Jesus, Son of God, have mercy.” It was this prayer that turned Jesus’ ear, this prayer that He responded to.

Invite Jesus In

We are all in need of Christ’s mercy far more than we may recognize and have received Christ’s miraculous intervention far more than we probably know. God’s mercy is the perfect provision as we face temptation, sin, suffering, and hopelessness. Is there an area of your life in need of God’s mercy and miraculous intervention? Invite Jesus in. May a deeper look at His merciful character be transformational in your life.

The Mercy Prayer

Visit Pastor Robert Gelinas’ website, mercyprayerbook.com, to learn how to purchase the book and to view an online study guide accompanying the writing.

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