Forge Equipping

Equipping you to live as a lifelong Kingdom Laborer in your everyday places & beyond.

A Discipleship Training for Young Adults & High School Students

Forge Summer Camp For All Ages

Outdoor Adventure Meets Discipleship

Citywide Festival Event

Itinerant Speaking Apprenticeship

Youth Camp Meets Service Mission Trip (for Youth Groups)

Equipping Conference For Churches

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Becoming a Kingdom Laborer
Have you ever wondered, what is the greatest need in the entire world?
Our world has all sorts of needs. But there is one great need that Jesus highlighted: “the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.” There are people across the street and across the sea who are harassed and hopeless, like sheep without a shepherd. Who will see them? Who will love them? Who will tell them?
There is a great need for MORE KINGDOM LABORERS – ordinary people with hearts on fire for Jesus and lives on purpose for His Kingdom; people who love Jesus, love others, and advance God’s Kingdom wherever they go!
What if you were equipped to become God’s Laborer wherever you go? What if you discovered how to use your unique purpose and intimacy with God to impact your every day world?
The ultimate goal of all Forge Training is simply this: arming and equipping you to live as an everyday, 24/7 world-changing Kingdom Laborer.
We desire that you begin to live out ministry at its best—not based on title or position, but rooted in God’s amazing plan for ordinary people (including you) to serve as Kingdom Laborers who reach the world with the life-giving message of Jesus.

Wondering what becoming a Kingdom Laborer means for you? 

Equipping You: 

Becoming a laborer starts in intimacy with God. In fact, we believe that an up-close relationship with God is the bedrock of spiritual life and Kingdom influence. As you cultivate a deep and abiding love for Jesus, you will discover how it overflows in love for others and finds expression through your unique abilities and talents.

With this in mind, Forge Equipping programs will provide you with hands-on experiences, practical skills, and real-world tools that have been carefully crafted to increase your love for God, love for others, and Kingdom impact!

Classroom Learning & Experiential Training – Aimed at Practical Spiritual Development & Multiplication

Jesus not only called His followers to labor for the Kingdom, He showed them how.

Forge Equipping programs not only include powerful messages, but also reveal the “how” of everyday impact, preparing you to invest relationally in the lives of others—to “go and make disciples” in your home, school, workplace, church, and community (Matthew 28:19), just like Jesus did with His early disciples. Forge will equip you to daily fix your eyes on Jesus above anyone or anything else!

Forge equipping offers hands-on opportunities, ministry experiences in “everyday" spaces, and group activities that provide the skills to support a lifetime of growing intimacy with God, responding to the needs of the world, and an intentional, effective approach to loving and engaging others.

All of our equipping programs are rooted in the foundational values of Forge: loving God and loving others.

We are excited to see how God shapes your life as you participate in Forge programs and experience these world-changing opportunities for yourself!