2015 Praise Report

A Message from the President:

On behalf of the Forge Staff and Speakers, “Thank you” for all the ways you collaborated with us last year! Through the faithfulness of ministry partners like you, the work that God laid out for us in 2015 was fully funded through generous monthly giving and a successful year-end match, and fully fueled through a growing team of passionate prayer partners. We are grateful for donors and prayer warriors who believe in the bold mission God has given us. As you read this praise report recapping ministry highlights from 2015, we hope you see how integral YOUR hand of partnership was last year and how important it continues to be as we move forward in advancing God’s Kingdom work through Forge. What a joy to co-labor with you in God’s work!

Dwight Robertson, Founder and President

Todd Bright

Chief Operating & Financial Officer

The joy of Bright family life is this: from six years old to twenty years of age and on, we encounter every season of life every day! Amidst all the activities taking place, Heather and I desire to keep things simple: putting our hands to things that have eternal value and celebrating the growth happening around us.

Recently, Daniel and Noah had experiences that shaped their hearts and lives.  During the month of October, Daniel served in Papau New Guinea with some friends and missionary partners, and Noah put his hands to work in Utah with a missions base.  We’re excited to see God’s heart grow and expand within them.  Lauren is enjoying playing her violin in the Colorado Young Sinfonia and continues to love performing and practicing. Hannah’s love for music is also increasing through learning the flute! On the farm, we currently have kittens, puppies and birds which Seth, Hannah and Sammy love helping out with.  Finally, our recent family highlight was hiking our first Colorado “fourteener!”

Doing ministry together continues to be very special to us.  With God’s help, the Food Bank has had an ongoing impact for ministry families throughout Denver.  We’ve also enjoyed hosting “Fellowship Nights,” a weekly gathering in our home that started small, but keeps growing!  Heather loves to bless others with her gifts of cooking and hosting as we practically get to live out God’s “Plan A” love over meals and conversation.

As we look ahead, please pray God’s wisdom guides our decisions with ministry, community, kids, family, and what we put our hands to. 

Rob Cupp

Chief Content Officer

This summer has been amazing. Seeing God deeply transform students and adults in Forge’s summer ministry programs (16 Days, The Experience and Deep Camp) has been incredible. Jesus Christ is powerful and faithful!

The great thing about the summer is that our whole family gets to participate in some way. Rob teaches, leads and mentors. Bridget mentors and builds relationships. Each of the kids gets to be around Forge’s amazing staff, summer interns and students. We are blessed that as we mentor students, the students are blessing and pouring into the lives of our kids.

As the summer comes to a close, the kids are headed back to school in a few weeks. Sophia (13) will go to the 8th grade. Chase (11) will go to middle school. And Foster (6) will start 1st grade. Pray for wisdom in parenting and for open doors as we seek to impact their friends, friends’ families and schools for Christ.

On August 2nd, Bridget and I will celebrate 18 years of marriage. Wow!  What a ride over that time!  God is so faithful and gracious to teach us, grow us and transform us. And having a partner like Bridget in ministry, life and parenting is incredible.  Thank you, God!

John Boyd

Writer | Content Team

In the day-to-day, we lose vision. Life feels much the same, on repeat. Sometimes we revel in the comfortable, and other times we lose sight and become numb to what God is doing and how we are growing and moving forward.

We watch Aidan becoming a man before our eyes. All at once, we can look at him and see his height and see the changes in his face. His foray into public school from home school has proven mostly seamless. Audrey is pressing on with diligence and grace to finish her senior year at home. With some solid dreams and no illusions about the hard work required, she looks toward post-graduation plans in the interior design field. In Nashville town, Maggie is making her own mark on the world and in the good company and safety of the folks at Harvest Hands. I think we’ve mentioned that we miss her something awful (but want her nowhere else but following God’s lead).

God’s presence in the changing seasons speaks to us over and again. Like ancient liturgies and old hymns, God reminds us of his faithfulness and his goodness in the land of the living. We keep writing. We keep showing up with him at a table in the wilderness. His Word nourishes and satisfies.

What if we all joined hands, across miles and time, and prayed for one another? Let us pray in unity for God to keep our eyes open to his work in the day-to-day.

Laura Bulgrien

Discipleship Training

The fall of this year has come with a pretty dramatic change of pace for me in comparison that what the previous 16 months had been.  With only one speaking event on the calendar during a stretch of about two months, I had more time at home than I had in a while, and along with that time came much needed rest, along with challenges and opportunities of a different kind. 

I have felt the Lord inviting me to take some intentional time to reflect on the first year of my Firebrand training, and prepare to move into the second year with fresh vision and stronger intentionality. From that place of dreaming and praying I am excited about some of the new vision that is being born in me.  Part of this vision includes hope for more opportunities to travel internationally in 2017.  There are three countries that I am hoping to return to in order to provide further teaching, training and encouragement to the believers there.  In order to do this, I am looking to raise additional support. If you would like to join me in this vision, please visit ForgeForward.org/Give, or contact me for more information!

Also during this time, I have had the chance to invest more in the community that God has surrounded me with in Colorado… as well as enjoying the gift of visits from long-time friends.  This has been a gift to my heart, and I am learning more than I ever have about the gift that God has invited us to experience in community.  We are so much better together than we are alone. 

Thank you for being part of my community, and for taking this journey with me. 

Much love to you.

Foster Christy

Forge Speaker

So much has been happening!  God orchestrated things for Ann-Marie and Tyler to get out of their apartment lease early and move into a new house.  Many details were taken care of by God’s gracious answers to prayer.  Another great blessing is that Ann-Marie is expecting a baby in December!!  We will be grandparents!  A few days ago, Lolly and I talked on the phone about Exodus 4.  Her pastor in Dallas is preaching through the book of Exodus and each message is available online.  We are viewing the messages and discussing them.  What a blessing for me to talk about “Jesus things” with my daughter! 

I recently spent several days in LaFollette, TN., speaking at the Fields of Faith Event sponsored by FCA.  Wednesday morning, I spoke at three school assemblies and later that afternoon I challenged the LaFollette High School Football team and coaching staff.  That night at the event, 1,500-2,000 people were in attendance.   The Spirit prompted my heart with these words, “You give the gospel and I will bring them home.”  The Spirit moved in hearts and before the night was over 150-200 people had surrendered to Christ in salvation and other areas of their lives.

Know your prayers and financial investments make a difference!  You have a part in all that God is doing.  Thank you so much.

Rob Cupp

Forge Speaker

Taylor Derrick

Financial Operations

So much has been happening! From ministry trips in Europe and Southeast Asia to new discipleship training programs here in Denver, this fall has brought many fresh and exciting opportunities here at Forge. A few weeks ago, I, and some of the other Forge staff ladies, had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with a group of college-aged girls from South Carolina, while they were at the ministry for a three-day training program. I so enjoyed spending that time with them, hearing their hearts about what God is teaching them in this season of life, and sharing parts of what God has done in similar situations my own life.

As far as my role here at Forge goes, I am absolutely loving it! I’ve had the opportunity to become even more involved in the financial and IT operations at the ministry over the past year and truly feel like this is the niche God has called me to. I’m on track to graduate with my accounting degree next year and plan to sit for the CPA exam shortly thereafter. I am excited for the ways this will equip me to help others with the financial and operational aspects of what God has called them to. This is something I have been burdened for and passionate about for years now, so it’s almost surreal to see God bringing it to pass.

As always, thank you so much for your faithful prayers and partnership – you are an integral piece in the work God is doing here at Forge and I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am to be serving alongside you in this work!

Ps – you can read more about what God has been teaching me recently in this post on the Forge blog: https://forgeforward.org/blog/2017/10/23/seasons/

Adrian Despres

Forge Speaker

I have been very busy traveling and preaching the Word.  What a thrill it has been to watch the Lord work in the lives of so many people!  About 1200 students were at an event in Valdosta, GA for a football rivalry rally with representatives from both teams speaking about the impact of Jesus on their lives.  When it came time for the invitation, we were not prepared for the response.  Several hundred came forward saying they wanted to get right with Jesus!

I spoke to 1000 football players in Huntsville, AL (several committed to Alabama and Auburn) at a media/FCA event.  They asked me to preach the Four Chairs.  There were several hundred players who gave their lives to Christ or decided they did not want to be lukewarm for Jesus any longer.   I also spoke at my Alma Mater, Furman University, to the FCA ministry that discipled me after I was saved.  They had so many coming that they changed the venue to accommodate their numbers.  The response to Christ was overwhelming.

Recently, I spoke at a church in NC.  It was one of those rare times when I was speaking to mostly senior adults.  I could not believe how the numbers grew every night.  There was an electricity in the air as many brought friends and family members to hear the crazy preacher.  I am not sure there is anything more satisfying for me than to see an over 80 year old give their life to Christ – as I did there around 25 times.  Praise the Lord!  Thank you so much for your prayers and support that make this ministry possible!

Loren Hayes

Speaker Ministries

Hayes’ Happenings

As of October we have completed TEN full years of ministry with Forge – Kingdom Building Ministries.  It’s beyond words to look back and describe all the ways we have seen the evident hand of God in and through and around our lives and the lives of those we’ve encountered.  Praise Him!  The ten-year mark seems like a good mark for change, and change is coming.  I am going to be adding to my responsibilities.  With staffing changes and forecasted growth in our training programs (Amen!), these additional responsibilities are necessary.  In many cases, getting more work is not something to celebrate.  In my case, however, I’m super excited!  In addition to my work with our itinerant speaking team and again managing our summer intern team, I will now be taking a lead role in our training logistics and operations.  It would be difficult in this update to detail the size and weight of this job so let me just say, it’s massive.  With the new responsibilities, however, comes more teamwork, great potential for Kingdom advancement, and the hope that even more young men and women will be launched in their unique, God anointed ministry in His Kingdom.  Additionally, there is vision for more training and discipleship options for adults!  Again I say, Amen!

All of this exciting news will require more prayers, wisdom, human resources, and finances.  Would you join us in praying for MORE of these!  May the Father’s Kingdom come and HIS will be done!

Nate Hoot

Discipleship Training | International Ministries

The longer Joy and I walk this journey of life with God and with others the more humbled we are by God’s power, comforted by His love, baffled by his grace, and empowered by his strength against the backdrop of our weakness. As Joy and I serve Forge as Spiritual Coaches/Mentors and as Director of International Ministries, we repeatedly see the beauty of the Jesus actively living out his anointing: “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners.” (Isaiah 61:1)

Celebrate with us the freedom students are currently experiencing!

“I was working to deserve God’s love and now I live in freedom that His love for me was there before I could even think to do anything for Him.” ~Spencer

“I’ve gotten to a place where I can see and feel the freedom that comes from surrendering things to God.” ~Jessica

“God told me …in Him I am made whole and possess a God-given identity—an identity that I couldn’t quite comprehend or even realize was there. …[I am] adopted by the King, loved unconditionally, eternally valued and washed clean in the blood of Jesus.” ~Dontae

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” (Galatians 5:1) Please pray Jesus continues to liberate captives and free prisoners through our ministry with Forge.

~The Hoot Family

Kersha Kahrs

Speaker Coordinator | Administrative Assistant

Lorene Klopfenstein

Hospitality | Ministry Relations

As this year quickly comes to a close we look back and see the hand of God at work both at Forge and in our own lives.  We have witnessed the transformation of lives in ways only God can do.  In our roles we get to support many of the avenues of ministry here from student training, to adult conferences to our speaker team on the road.  God has also challenged us deeply this year as we close out our 5th year in Colorado.  He has asked us to trust Him and accept some additional responsibilities at Forge.  In addition to her hospitality role Lorene is going to support other staff members in new ways to move the ministry forward.  Ron has been asked to lead a new team that, in addition to his responsibilities for Development, will grow opportunities for Adult Learning Programs and Distance Learning.  These are significant undertakings that we clearly feel God is asking us to take on.  We would appreciate your prayers.  So many of you have made this journey possible via your prayers and financial gifts. We are very grateful.  As you might guess, the process of raising support never really stops.  As we approach this year-end, would you prayerfully consider making a donation and joining our financial partnership team? We are in need of both monthly givers and annual gifts. Thank you for partnering with us in this work and for investing in the Kingdom.  Love, Ron and Lorene

Ron Klopfenstein

Vice President of Ministry Expansion

As this year quickly comes to a close we look back and see the hand of God at work both at Forge and in our own lives.  We have witnessed the transformation of lives in ways only God can do.  In our roles we get to support many of the avenues of ministry here from student training, to adult conferences to our speaker team on the road.  God has also challenged us deeply this year as we close out our 5th year in Colorado.  He has asked us to trust Him and accept some additional responsibilities at Forge.  In addition to her hospitality role Lorene is going to support other staff members in new ways to move the ministry forward.  Ron has been asked to lead a new team that, in addition to his responsibilities for Development, will grow opportunities for Adult Learning Programs and Distance Learning.  These are significant undertakings that we clearly feel God is asking us to take on.  We would appreciate your prayers.  So many of you have made this journey possible via your prayers and financial gifts. We are very grateful.  As you might guess, the process of raising support never really stops.  As we approach this year-end, would you prayerfully consider making a donation and joining our financial partnership team? We are in need of both monthly givers and annual gifts. Thank you for partnering with us in this work and for investing in the Kingdom.  Love, Ron and Lorene

Fred Lynch

Forge Speaker

Hey Forge Family!

The Lynch Family has been in some great transitions this year and we want to thank you all for your prayerful support! D’Ann and I just reached a beautiful milestone in our lives: we celebrated our 25th year Anniversary! We are so thankful that God blessed us 25 years ago and would have never thought that we would have come so far as we were two little kids in love. We went to Washington D.C. to celebrate this great moment and it was really a pleasant get away!

Asia is doing great as she has entered her Jr. year in college and has really intensified her pursuit of her calling in ministry! Personally I have been blown away as I watch this once little girl who has grown into a beautiful young woman grow in her love for God and others. Asia has seemed to have ‘caught the ministry bug’ because she is totally fired up to go on The Experience this Summer with Forge!

We are also so proud of Jordan, and he is ready to take the next step in his life. Jordan is excited about graduating and looking forward to following his sister to Texas A&M to pursue a degree in Counseling and Social Work to follow in his great-uncle’s footsteps to open a practice to as a licensed counselor. We are so grateful for where our children are at in their lives.

We love you and look forward to seeing many of you this summer!

Charlie Marquis

Discipleship Training

WOW! It has been an incredible season. Dara and I have seen Jesus radically transform lives before our eyes – younger lives, wiser lives, Asian lives, American lives… all sorts of lives!

This past month we had the amazing opportunity to invest in high school students who signed up with Forge to quickly surge forward with God and experience Him at work in the world around them through 2.5 weeks of intense experiences, adventures, and teachings all designed to equip them to become Kingdom Laborers – loving Jesus with everything and daily impacting the lives around them. One of these students wrote a note saying “the Forge high school discipleship training has changed the way I view God and His grace.”

Various students overcame whatever was hindering their relationships with Christ, others realized God could actually use them to impact other lives as they share, and still others left with radical vision of what the future might bring as they take steps of obedience to what God is laying before them. We are pumped for these young lives!

Recently Charlie has spoken for Hope Community Church, a local Korean Church, young adults in The Experience discipleship training, and high school students in Forge’s 2.5 week discipleship training. Dara has led worship for most of these groups as well. It has been so cool to minister as a couple and see Jesus set lives free, and send them out with vision and purpose for His Kingdom.

With Jesus, Charlie and Dara Marquis

Julia Michael

Content Team

The Lord has done a lot in a little under a year at Forge. My time here has already been filled with new friends, a new home, a new role, and new moments of God’s provision. This holiday season I say “Thank You” to each of you for supporting and loving me, God has done so much with every little bit of faithfulness that has been shown by you! I pray that Jesus continues to capture your hearts and remind you how great His purposes are for you.

God has called me to stay at Forge and I would love your continued prayer and financial support as He guides the ministry into a new and even more fruitful season. To better connect with Forge and see what I’ve been helping launch, sign up for our weekly Forge Devotional (ForgeForward.org/Devotional) and be encouraged by our speakers and staff! Also, if you know anyone else in your life who has a heart for God’s Kingdom to be made known and for disciples to be raised up, I would love to talk with them about all God is doing through Forge.

Truly blessed to know and partner with each of you!


“‘I am doing a great work and I cannot come down’… For they all wanted to frighten us, thinking, ‘Their hands will drop from the work, and it will not be done.’” But now, O God strengthen my hands.’” (Nehemiah 6:3-9)

Dwight Robertson

President/CEO & Founder

A New Chapter

We’ve entered a new season! It’s year 30 as a ministry! Both our kids are married and on their own. We moved from the house and neighborhood where children were raised and “Plan A” was written. We’ve entered the “empty-nest” season of life – with FULL HEARTS!

Our full hearts are celebrating a slew of new ministry opportunities, open doors, writing, and MANY former students serving EVERYWHERE are ready for up-close encouragement, love, counsel, and availability! They are multiplying (MORE!) Kingdom laborers in God-assigned challenging new spiritual harvest fields. Our fixer-upper home can support their visits. So along with our ministry leadership and travel schedule, we have enough margin to also bless them, their families, and their ministries. One visitor last week (touched 24 years ago in Canada– now reaching SE Asia) wrote, “Your home was a sanctuary. Just being with you brought healing and a smile to my soul.” Hundreds have been in our home since last May when our extensive renovation project was “finished” (well, completed as much as is possible for now).

Halleluiah! This 30th FORGE-Kingdom Building Ministries year, the aim is 30% growth in ALL areas – speakers, ministry events, spiritual decisions, lives equipped, and investors and prayer workers. Right now a unique giving opportunity exists. ALL new and increased giving (even any increased monthly EFT giving pre-determined for 2017) will be MATCHED dollar for dollar, up to $300,000! We’re excited, personally involved, and encourage everyone to take advantage of this special time-sensitive Kingdom opportunity!    

Jason Roe

Forge Speaker

The Roe family is staying very engaged in ministry. Jason has recently been blessed by several churches that have hosted successful revivals in which God has moved and lives have been changed. Our prayer is always that the church be renewed and the life of the church be a force of change in their communities.  Holly is continuing in ministry as well through the Storytime at a local coffee shop in which nearly 30 children and their parents or caregivers attend weekly. She is also planning two upcoming parenting seminars for a local school and housing complex.  Thank you for your love, support, friendship and prayers.

Lisa Zimmerman

Content Team & Prayer Team Coordinator

God promises to be with His people time and time again … but He never really fully discloses what they’ll be getting into if they follow Him! That’s prompted a great question for Josh and I to wrestle with: Regardless of the road ahead, what more do we need than a God who is with us through thick and thin?

As we’ve been on the lookout to say “yes” and follow God this fall, we have seen Him show up on the scene—one highlight being a visit to my hometown, where we reconnected with friends and family. An INCREDIBLE boost of encouragement and support came as we shared more about Forge and the work God has been doing! Not only was it a blast to see more people catch excitement over God’s heart to equip everyday Kingdom Laborers of all ages across the globe, but we were also excited to connect friends with opportunities to grow with Forge. We really hope to see some new faces at Deep Camp next summer (maybe that’s you!)!

Josh is also steadily plowing through his college classes (he can taste the finish line with 6 classes left!), and working hard at Chik-Fil-A. His passion to lead well, put people first, and encourage his team keeps him going. Work feels like a win when God shows up and gets to share real Kingdom love.

Have a blessed holiday season walking with Jesus and knowing He is with you!

­­–Lisa and Josh

Praise Report

Here are a few of the many highlights of what God made possible around the world through your prayers and financial partnership in 2015:

Forge Speaker Events and Evangelism Outreach:

  • 117 Forge Speaker events in the U.S. and in several international locations, where more than 129,000 attended and over 86,000 spiritual decisions were made
  • A 16% increase from 2014 in the number of Forge Speaker events
  • Discipleship-making movements were started in remote areas around the world, and unreached people groups are being prioritized for future discipleship efforts
  • Forge Firebrands, a one-of-a-kind program to raise up and equip “apostles, prophets, and evangelists” (Ephesians 4) launched in the Fall with 3 participants in training>

Forge Equipping:

  • God transformed over 500 lives through Forge Equipping programs: 22 young adults for The Experience, 5 high school students for 16 Days, 280 people of all ages at Deep Camp, over 200 adults at Plan A Conferences, and 5 adults in the Life Planning process
  • Our Forge Equipping events included an increasingly diverse groups of national and international participants
  • In collaboration with “Equip Haiti,” Forge facilitated two events that helped equip and mobilize nearly 200 youth workers across Haiti
  • The Forge App was created to package the same tools that have helped Christ-followers deepen their faith for generations into a simple resource for note-taking, journaling, connecting with others and more

God Sightings & Personal Quotes

“Forge has impacted and changed our family.” – Bruce and Cathy, Parents of Student Participant

“I came to The Experience thinking I knew how to live a life for Jesus, but I realized God is greater than my comprehension. I came to The Experience thinking I knew prayer had power, but I realized that prayer is the foundation of my journey with Christ. I came thinking people all over the world needed love and hope. I realized they need Jesus and He provides. I came thinking I was generous in giving of my time and tithing. I realized God is my everything and generosity is my obedience to Him out of love. I came thinking I thought I was strong enough to fix my life. I realized He is my strength, He is faithful and will make all things new in His time. I came thinking God didn't know all my heart. I realized He knows my every thought, and He cares! He knows my desires and He has a purpose for my life! I live to be in utter dependence of my God. I came thinking God wanted the good things about me. I realized He longs for all of me. He desires to change my life completely and reflect Him through every part of my being.” -- Ady, 2015 Experience Student

Just two years ago no Christian influence existed among the Hadzabe people in Tanzania. Today, through God’s work with Forge Firebrand Charlie Marquis, a Hadzabe tribal member, Mariamu, now leads a discipleship group among her own people and is helping to translate the Bible into the Hadza language.

“I think about our [family’s] experience at Deep Camp and how it impacted our lives every single day. I want others to have that same experience.” – Joey, Deep Camp Attendee

Impact with Staying Power:

As a partner with us you might be asking, “What long term impact will my investment yield?” Here are some results from our most recent “impact” survey. Among The Experience participants, one year post-completion of the program, graduates show…

  • 18% increase in their understanding of God’s true character
  • 18% increase in their ability to discern the voice of God in their life
  • 25% increase in the level of their intentionality to engage the world around them for Kingdom purposes
  • 15% increase in the amount of faith they have to follow God in obedience
  • 19% increase in their ability to daily lay down their pride
  • 21% increase in their clarity of life purpose and life direction
  • 33% increase in their ability to stay on mission with God during negative life situations
  • 25% increase in their understanding of “the Kingdom of God”

Opportunities to Connect with Forge in 2016


  • Deep Camp—Forge’s multi-generational discipleship camp located in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, June 26—July 1, 2016
  • The Experience—Forge’s young adult discipleship program designed to launch a lifetime of Kingdom impact, May 20—July 16, 2016
  • 16 Days—A unique and intense equipping program for high school students that calls them to an all-in life with God, June 20—July 7, 2016
  • September Forge Fire EventFriday, September 16 Location: Foothills Bible Church, 6100 S. Devinney Way, Littleton, CO 80127. Cost: $5 per person. Hear from Forge Speaker John Vermilya!
  • October Women's Weekend Almost Alone With GodFriday, October 14--Sunday, October 16, 2016 Location: Fairplay, CO. Cost: $150 per person (meals & resources included) **Space is Limited**
  • "Plan A" Conference—A Forge-led conference that comes to you, designed to help mobilize unique everyday Kingdom laborers in everyday places (contact Forge for availability)
    Plan A Conference, November 4-5 at College Wesleyan Church, Marion, IN. Contact Forge for more information.
  • Life Planning—A guided process that helps participants discover God’s perspective and design for their life (contact Forge for availability, or join us in Denver September 16—17, 2016)
  • Add Fuel—Two great ways to keep moving forward together in 2016 is to join the Forge Prayer Team at Forgeforward.org/Prayer and to consider a gift to fuel God’s movement through Forge at Forgeforward.org/ContinueTheLegacy